The rise of the hobbyist drone on college campuses around the world


While sitting in class on the first day our instructor, Dr. Christof Demont-Heinrich, starting talking about his fascination in drone use. I have personally had first-hand experience flying a drone over the summer for my father’s real estate business. I immediately asked if this could be my topic for our first two projects and he gave me the go-ahead! I wanted to dig into the world of drones and find as much information on them as I could. I found I didn’t know as much about drones as I thought I did.

I wanted to steer my story in more of an informational direction. I wanted to provide students reading this article with the rules and regulations on drone use in the United States. In doing this I started looking into the benefits and disadvantages of having drones on a college campus. Could they be harmful to academics and/or safety or are they beneficial to our growing culture of electronics? This was the question I wanted to answer for my story.

I got in contact with a current student at the University of Denver who owned and operated his own drone. When I got him to bring his drone outside I knew immediately that flying drone pictures were going to be the main focus of my slideshow. I tried to take photos of the drone with recognizable buildings on campus so people would connect it with a college setting. I pulled the two ariel shots from my photos over the summer to include a diverse viewing experience. After my interview with campus security I took two pictures that would work well with the information provided by that interview. These were all important scenes that I needed to portray for my story.

The photographic experience was quite easy and second nature. I love taking photos in my daily life so I just tried to get into a relaxed mindset when going into the drone photo shoot. There were a few instances where I was chasing the drone around the field trying to get good angles. The problem with the drone is it never stops moving. I had to adjust my shutter speed in order to get the drone in focus as well as its blades out of focus for a moving effect. I got right under the drone and took pictures against the blue sky. I also almost got hit when I got the close up shot of the drone’s front. All in all it was a very fun and exciting photo shoot with the drone on campus. I picked the photos I did because I felt like they connected the drone to the college campus. I also picked these photos because they were the most visually appealing out of the 75 photos that I took that day. Next time I head out for a photo shoot I want to go in with a higher quality of camera that will allow for more creative tweaking with the shutter speed and focus options.

My first issue story covered the same topic of drone use as this slideshow does. I had a wonderful array of opportunities for pictures of my topic as well as ample information that would be perfect in a slideshow format. Delving so far into this topic I have started to research drone use in the United States on my free time outside of class. Drones are becoming so popular in todays society that I believe it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing them in classrooms or our daily life.

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  • Mackenzie Dykes
    Mackenzie Dykes says:

    All of your photos are very interesting because they were well framed, with good depth and focus. Your action shots of the drone in the air were very good, and I’m sure those were hard to capture so nice work! All of your text was easy to read and relevant to the photos as well.

  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    You photos are very professional looking. Great angles, great use of depth of field and focus, overall very impressive. I also loved the mix between photos of drones and photos from drones. Your captions are also very insightful and tell a coherent, informative story. I also appreciated you concluding your story with links to where people can find more information about drone regulations. It was a great way to conclude your piece.

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