Not hungry for long: DU’s food choices on and around campus

My slideshow continues with the topic of what options students have on and around campus for their meal choices. Both the story and slideshow did not highlight copious amounts of healthy choices without students taking the personal initiative to customize their meals. I wanted this slideshow to represent all types of food, not only fast food or healthy food in order to get a full background on the restaurant choices students attend on and around campus. This slideshow highlights both options on campus provided by the University and restaurants around campus to which students who obliged were documented attending.

Photographing someone eating is a very personal time, to which many students refused. In addition to having difficulty in photographing subjects, I made a point to include various food stations to provide a clear perspective as to what options are offered here at the University and around campus. I learned that it is essential to have patience with those who are willing to have their photograph taken and to make them feel as comfortable as possible, especially when sitting down to enjoy a meal. If the issue story would have been an assignment to go behind the scenes in finding how the food is made, I would have contacted more employers at these various café’s and restaurants, but I strived to stay on subject and personal with those dining in.

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