Students for Sustainable Food fights to improve Sodexo fare on DU campus

This slideshow continues to tell the story of the Real Food Challenge proposed by the DU Students for Sustainable Food and signed by the University of Denver in 2014. This story features the hydrotower that has been installed in the Centennial Halls cafeteria, quotes from SSF members, and the contrast between the food offered currently and the goals of the Real Food Challenge. It is clear that there is still a long way to go, and a lot of hard work to put in.

In order to visually represent this story I took photographs of the tower and the sprouts in it from different angles, pictures of the Sodexo food offered, and photographs of students eating or observing their meals. I was hoping to get some photographs of the Olin greenhouse where the sprouts are started before being moved to the tower, but was unable to gain access.

Among the difficulties of photographing this project were the adverse lighting conditions in the Centennial Halls cafeteria (shooting under fluorescent lights is never fun), and the fact that people really do not like to be photographed while eating. It’s a very personal time, people assume they look quite unattractive while putting food in their mouths, and any photographs you do manage to take come off looking quite staged because, to be frank, taking candid shots of people eating is creepy. I did manage to convince a few friends to let me photograph them, but there is a definite lack of people in this slideshow.

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  • Joey Oesterle
    Joey Oesterle says:

    Good job! I didn’t know that DU was doing this. I am a big fan a sustainability, and strongly believe DU needs to start implementing more practices.This is a good start to a long term goal of becoming sustainable. Also, the goal of having 100% real food is important. Locally harvesting/growing these vegetables in the herder tower eliminates shipping cost, chemicals, and supports our schools economy.

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