Delta Gamma has first exchange with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Boondocks

This slideshow is about Delta Gamma’s first exchange in two and half years with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Boondocks Family Fun Center. The students enjoyed a theme of “what do you want to be in ten years?”, dressing up at lawyers, tennis moms, retirees and doctors. As I discussed in my Issue story #1, there was a lot of excitement for the exchange because most of the girls have never been able to attend social events like this one due to Delta Gammas probationary status with their national chapter. After years of hard work and improvement, the chapter was allowed off probation and can now have the social events and formals they have been missing out on.

Boondocks provided a great environment for the exchange because students got to be children again playing laser tag, arcade games and mini golf among many other activities. I chose to photograph the entire process of the event, from the women getting ready and then men talking laser tag strategy to the bus ride and all of the fun activities at Boondocks. I also chose to focus on many of the creative, and sometimes silly, costumes people wore for the theme. Some of my Issue Story #1 was on Delta Gamma’s improved status with their national chapter, but I focused on the result of their improvement by photographing the exchange itself. There was a lot of energy and excitement before and during the exchange I could capture, while it would be difficult to represent the improvement process over the last two and a half years photographically.

While photographing I realized it is very hard to get people not to pose for a photo. Often when they realized I was taking the photo they would pose and smile, so it was difficult to get casual photos of people simply enjoying themselves at the exchange. Another huge issue I ran into was the lighting in Boondocks. By the time everyone arrived to the event, it was dark outside and inside the building is was dark arcade lighting, which unfortunately ended up ruining many photos. This forced me to use more of the posed photos of people’s costumes, rather than fun action shots of inside Boondocks. However, because everyone was so excited to show off their outfits and pose with their friends, I am happy I got to capture that moment for them. Because of the lighting limitations inside, I am pleased I got to represent the excitement the members of Delta Gamma had with hosting their first exchange with many of their close friends in Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

3 Responses to Delta Gamma has first exchange with Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Boondocks

  • Rebecca Gerber
    Rebecca Gerber says:

    Kenzie, I really enjoyed your photos. They are very entertaining because they show everyone looking excited or in action getting ready, on the bus, etc. You were able to get enough ‘casual’ photos so I think it worked well. I thought it would have been interesting to talk about how it was the first exchange in two and a half years on your slideshow because otherwise it isn’t exactly clear why this exchange is so special. My favorite photo is on the fourth slide and I like the mirror shot on slide two.

  • Kaylee Lino
    Kaylee Lino says:

    Kenzie, you did a great job with the photos showing the excitement and fun of the event. Alike Becca, I would also have stated on the slideshow itself that after 2 years you were finally having your first social event, so it would show WHY it was such an important event to occur. Other than that you cleary captured perfect photos of both the event and before, etc.

  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    Kenzie, I was at the event and you did a great job capturing the energy of the event in your photos. I loved seeing the variety of costumes that students wore, along with your commentary on what students wish to be “when they grow up.” Your project also has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and provided a great narrative of how the night went.

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