DU students work to find a balance with on-campus jobs

Written Reflection

This project was the beginning of a launch into a new realm of programs on the computer that I had not used before. Power Point was very easy for me but iMovie was not something I had any experience with prior to this project. After some initial experimenting to understand and get a hang of the program, I was off and running. Overall, using iMovie was a refreshing change to the same old type of presentation that I had used before. I have done a lot of Power Points, a lot of papers and some blogging and even some website making, but I’m glad that I now have iMovie to add to my list of skill sets. It was surprisingly easy to use after I figured it out—a lot of clicking and dragging, and hopefully a skill that I’ll be able to use quite a bit in the future. I struggled the most with trying to add title slides and just changing the organization in general, but my mom has worked a lot with iMovie so luckily she could give me some instruction that I was lacking.

I was glad that I got three interviews because it gave me a lot of material to work with. Trevor, who works for the admissions office at DU, gave me a lot of good quotes for my slide show because he talked a lot about finding the precarious balance between work and school. He works a lot of hours at his job with DU admissions and has had to make some changes in his life in order to accommodate for the responsibilities that go along with his job. The hardest part about putting the pictures and videos together was getting pictures that went along exactly with the part of the interview that I wanted to show. Ideally, I would have gotten more pictures of my interviewees going about their daily lives, like Trevor playing bass, Gusto taking pictures, Haley working at her job and all of them doing homework or studying. I did get some great pictures of more general aspects of their lives, though, such as the Lamont School of music and the Pioneer Store where Haley works.

I wanted to make my slideshow tell the story of students working on campus through the format of introducing the three interviewees—aka saying their year, major and their job on campus—then getting each of them saying a few of the pros and cons and how they balance work and school. I started out with the intros and some pictures that I thought represented my interviewees well; they were mostly close-up shots. When Haley was talking about her job, I showed a few pictures from the Pioneer Store where she sells retail to give the audience some background. The same was true for Trevor; when he talked about working for Admissions, I showed the sign for it and when he talked about tour groups, I showed a picture of a campus visit. As each of the people talked about their working lives, I tried to show a picture of each of them being busy; I think this was particularly effective in the part when Trevor talks about working seven hours a day for a week and there is a picture of him hunched over his computer. I ended with a quote from Trevor that I thought pulled it all together because he summed up the general sentiment: that the precarious balance of work, school and free time is not always easy or equal but somehow we make it work and still enjoy our lives.

Finally, I tried to show each of my interviewees’ personalities a little bit. Gusto can be found with his camera to his face almost all the time so I wanted to include a couple of those, and Trevor makes a joke out of everything, even when he is stressed at work, so I added a couple candid shots I took of him laughing. Overall, I am satisfied with the way my slideshow captured the personalities and lives of these three subjects.

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  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Great job, Courtney! I like how many different perspectives you got with your interviews and you did a nice job matching the interview audio with photos of what they were talking about. I also liked how each photo and interview expressed everyone’s jobs and personalities really well. Nice work!

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