On to off-campus housing: The 411

The Photos used for the slideshow revolved around displaying on-campus housing VS. off-campus housing and strive to create an overall informational video about the aspects of off-campus housing, touching on the struggles that come with coming back from abroad and finding housing. This includes not only the different options to students looking to move off campus, but some of the prices, along with pros and cons, the process to find off campus living situations, and the difficulties/concerns to looking and finding an off- campus location.

Therefore, the story(ies) being told with the photos revolve around student’s opinion and perspective to locating off-campus housing and the opinions about different locations. Locations involve the different apartment options, and housing in the neighborhoods around DU’s campus. A second story being told with the photos and the interviewee, Andria Clark, strives to tell the audience about the difficulties to find off-campus housing once returning from Study Abroad (which is important because 80% of students do their Junior Year Fall).

I chose to photograph some of the apartment options from different angles. I also chose to video/photograph an example of an off-campus home (my own) that sits right across the street from DU’s campus. From my own narration and the narration of my interview that is included in the audio, I tried my best to match photos that dealt with what was being said. Therefore, I tried to match the topic of parking with pictures of parking options off-campus, etc. I chose to open the slideshow myself, introduce the interviewee in the middle, and elaborate and conclude the slideshow myself after the interviewee was finished.

The building process of the slideshow was more difficult and time consuming then I had expected. Matching audio with photographs with timing was important and hard to make as concise as I wanted. Some of my photographs did not work with the slideshow, as in, I do not believe they came out as well as I originally thought. Next time I will try harder to get better shots of buildings, because the topic is quite bland. I do like how some of the pictures turned out when I took from a straight up and/or side angle. The pictures are clear and obvious to their identity. The audio is successful by informing the audience it very clear and of good quality. The interview is clear as well, and stays the same exact quality as the narration, which makes the audio flow.

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  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    I really appreciated seeing photos of all of the different housing options you mentioned in your project. Not only did it help to keep what your interviewees were saying in context, but it was very helpful as I’m currently looking into housing options for next year! For that same reason I think your choice of topic was extremely smart due to the fact that this is the time of year that students are looking for off campus housing. Very helpful!

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