DU teams up with South High School Media Club to improve police relations

This video story revolves around the Visual Media Club at South High School and the involvement of University of Denver students and staff. The club is run by our own Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark in an effort to bring together DU students and South High School students for various media projects. This year’s project is focusing on improving police relations with minority students in the wake of the Ferguson protests. The students are doing this through weekly discussions and blog posts about how police and students can better understand each other. The club has also met with police officers to establish a conversation. It is Dr. Clark’s hope that this club will help reduce the incarceration rates among student of color. I am hoping to share information about the club and their current project with police through interviews with Dr. Clark and students of the club.

I photographed the club at South High School during one of their after school meetings. The club was kind enough to let me sit in and take picture of their discussion, as well as contribute my own thoughts. I chose to order the photos by doing an introductory photo of Dr. Clark as she begins describing the club, then I included more introductory, context giving photos of South High School itself before jumping into in-depth interviews with one of the students. After introducing this student with a photo, I have pictures of the club during both their small and large group discussions. In the final interview section with Dr. Clark, I included the photos of her and other staff members and DU student Lilly Kautz in their discussion for planning next weeks club. I only used text to introduce the people talking in the interview. The process of integrating audio into my project was very simple. The one thing I am disappointed about it the volume on the video. iMovie proved to be difficult when adjusting the volume because it didn’t have a decibel measurer like Adobe Premier, so it was hard to tell if my video was going to be too loud or too quiet when editing. I intended for the audio to be louder, because I had good clear recordings, but I was unable to adequately measure how the audio would turn out.

I was limited with both time and variety of activities while at the club to produce photos of great variety. I was only able to attend one club because of my own class schedule and the short amount of time given to produce this project, but I believe even if I did attend another club meeting, the photos would be very similar because their primary activity is group discussions. It would have been amazing to photograph the club meeting with the police, but that happened months ago. The club only met for an hour, so I was pressed to get as many photos as I could before everyone left, as well as make sure the photos had variety. The poor fluorescent lighting made many of my photos terribly quality, so I had to exclude those from the slide; I also excluded photos that seemed too repetitive. I feel the photos I did include give great insight into what it is light to be apart of the club because I shot them at participant level.


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  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan Murphy says:

    I really liked this topic! I love what this program is doing for South High School. My only critique for this presentation would probably to get some really close of shots. You have a lot of medium shots and wide angle shots but I didn’t see many close up shots of the students. Other than that its a good presentation! Good job!

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