Pancakes with a side of philanthropy: DHOP 2015 is a hit with DU students

My audio-slideshow revolves around Tri-Delta sorority’s spring philanthropy event DHOP, short for Delta House of Pancake. The event is a favorite for University of Denver students and consistently raises thousands of dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. I wanted my project to show the event from two points of view: from Tri-Delta member’s behind the scenes, and from the DU public enjoying the event. To accomplish this I have behind the scenes photos of sorority members helping to make and serve the food, as well as pictures of my friends and other students enjoying that food.

I tried to have the photos encapsulate the massive amount of positive energy at the event. Students from all kinds of backgrounds and organizations on campus had come together to support Tri-Delta’s philanthropy, as well as to enjoy some amazing pancakes. I chose to use sounds I recorded from the event as background sound for my video to further capture the energy of the event. You can hear people talking, eating, and laughing, something that silence or a song couldn’t reflect. I chose to interview students at the event so I could get their reactions “in the moment.” Everyone was having a ton of fun, something that wouldn’t be communicated as well if I had interviewed them the next day.

I wish I had been able to take a larger range of pictures from the event. Photograph after photograph of pancakes begin to look very similar despite being from different times of the night and at different tables. However despite this I think I was able to keep the photos interesting throughout my project. Unique angles and use of the Ken Burns effect gave each photo its own unique quality.

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