Denver University The Bridge Project: Growing minds. Creating possibilities.

I had a really fun time going to The Bridge Project at the Columbine site and taking these photos! I have been volunteering at the columbine site for a couple months now and I wanted to try and capture the energy and love that I see every day on site. I wanted to inform my audience about this wonderful program and the change that they are making in their community.

I put the slides in the order that I did because I first wanted my audience to have an overview of what the bridge was in the eyes Sergio. He is one of few words. And Betty was just so charismatic when she talked about the kids that I felt it was good to show that love and affection right off the bat. Jacquelyn was my favorite interview. She went into full details about the program for about 15 minutes. I had to pick and choose what I felt the most important parts of the program were so that I could keep it under 3 minutes. Cutting the audio I found to be quite difficult. I struggled with trying to make the sections flow together without a hitch. I am very familiar with adding text to a slideshow so that turned out to be quite east.

I found myself going on multiple occasions to the site due to the fact that I didn’t have enough photos or the right ones that I wanted. Taking these photos actually turned out to be quite difficult. Pulling out a camera around a bunch of excited children is quite an adventure. All the children wanted me to do was take their picture as they posed with each other or their work that they had finished that day.  Because of this it was a little tough to get candid photos. My biggest struggle was my interviews and matching that to what I was able to take pictures of. Most of my interviewees talked about programs that they haven’t started yet or don’t do until the summer and I had to cut those because I had absolutely no way of taking photos to match that audio. My interviewees had a tendency to stumble through a lot of their sentences so I tried to cut out most of their silent pausing and filler words.  

When doing this again I believe that I need to have my questions better worded. I need to have more questions dedicated to each topic and possibly make them repeat the question before answering. I loved my topic and I feel very strongly about it but I realize with a business and community like this time management is everything. I had to have permission that took me a couple days to acquire so that cut back on a ton of time I could have dedicated to interviews and more activity pictures. Starting early and scheduling interviews ahead of time is a crucial step!

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  • Danielle Ivanovich says:

    Morgan- this is an awesome audio slideshow! The photos were perfectly matched with the interviews and what exactly was being said. The added text was a great touch and definitely made the slideshow more clear. Great work!

  • This looks great, Morgan. I love the variety of the pictures and they were really high quality photographs as well. You got a solid amount of interviews and definitely had a lot of good content in there.

  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Nice work, Morgan! You got a lot of really dynamic pictures (my fave were the tetherball and hungry caterpillar shots) and everything flowed nicely between the interviews, the photos, and how long the photos were on the screen. Good transitions as well and great job overall!

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