DU Student Elections

My project on the DU elections started off to be pretty difficult for me. I am very new to using iMovie/premiere Pro. Another class of mine was using Premiere Pro during the same time so I decided to stick to that program while doing this assignment. Overall, I am really happy with Premiere Pro because it allows for advanced editing and it’s a great skill to have.

The interview process was interesting and fun for me to hear the opinions and ideas of my peers. Most of the people I interviewed are friends of mine which made for easy conversation. Interviewing three people was nice to have extra material and the Jack/Nikki duo worked nicely together. During the interviews, I found the interviewees to get a little off topic. I wanted them to focus on why they chose to run for USG, but sometimes they strayed into talking about their plans once they were elected, etc.

I did struggle a little with taking appropriate photos for every part of the audio. I thought it seemed appropriate to have screenshots of the candidate’s Facebook campaigns and the screenshots of the greek life in the news because they seemed very relevant to the audio. I made sure I added in at least 20 of my own photographs as well. The last part of the audio at the very end for whatever reason came as bad quality and I wasn’t able to fix it. I tried to play with the volume level on Pro, which helped a little but it’s not the best.

Overall, I definitely spent a lot of time on this project. Finding the best audio, matching it with photos, and effects was difficult. I did have a lot of fun adding in the music, transitions, and other effects which made for an enjoyable project.

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