The switch from competitive sports to DU intramural’s

My iMovie Slideshow, focuses on the stories of hqghhcaliber athletes in high school, who stopped the dream of playing college athletics, for intramural’s. This seemed like an interesting topic, because the switch from competitive high school sports to the more relaxed intramural’s is quite abrupt. Also, I wanted to get a different angle, and see why they didn’t pursue their “dream.”

I interviewed two hockey players, and one soccer player. All three of them had options to play their sport in college, but decided to not continue for various reasons.  These interviews provided me with a lot of information, ranging from their background in the sport, all the way to the specific reason they chose not continue at a high level.

The hardest thing I encountered in this project, was trimming down the audio. I had over twenty five minutes of interviews, and they all consisted of good information. It was also quite difficult to take action shots of the hockey players. They moved fast, and had to work with the camera I had. Also, hockey is only on Tuesday nights, so I only had one hour to shoot.

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  • Kaylee Lino
    Kaylee Lino says:

    I thought this was really cool the way you had the variety of interviews mashed up throughout the slideshow!The audience doesn’t become bored because not only are the pictures changing at a good speed but the voices show variety and differences to keep us engaged. The pictures are great, showing the different intramurals, especially ‘in action’, too.

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