Relay for life: walking to fight cancer

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Decorated Luminaria Bags As Participants Walk Laps

The DU chapter of Colleges Against Cancer in collaboration with the American Cancer Society hosted a campus event, Camp Relay for Life, to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer. It took place at the University of Denver’s Gates Field House, as DU is one of the many locations for thegreater denver area. Teams from DU’s student orgs competed in the Relay for Life, staying up throughout the night walking for awareness and support, for those who battle, have battled and lost their lives to cancer.

From 7 p.m Friday May 15 until 7 the next morning, 150 participants gathered at Gates Field House in a night of jubilant celebration of life and sombre remembrance of the profound toll exacted by a prolific yet conquerable disease. Prior to the capstone event, over $9,000 had already been raised in the battle against cancer and for months Colleges Against Cancer members have been contacting sponsors. The event takes the entire year to plan, where the College Against Cancer group picks location, activities and a theme for the event every year. Certain parts of the night are more treasured than others, like the Luminaria Ceremony, where crafts are done and participants walk in the dark with sombre lighting, take place. “Definitely the most meaningful part of relay is Luminaria Ceremony. And basically the Luminaria Ceremony is where we get to remember those we have lost to cancer and honor the ones who have battled cancer […]” said Sam Bugg, the senior manager for the greater denver area. As said before, arts and crafts are done to remember those who have lost their lives and those who have battled / are battling the disease. The Luminaria Ceremony was talked about highly by many students at the event, being one of the more emotional and personal experiences of relay.

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Luminaria In Memory of Those Lost From Cancer

Food, activities and entertainment are provided for the event as well as by sponsors, volunteers and through the organization. This year relay included dodgeball, dancing, karaoke, a drag show, a bounce house and much more, to entertain the participants throughout the duration of the night. Katy Brassette, the chairperson for entertainment gathered all of the entertainment for the evening “I worked on getting a yoga instructor, so we all kind of took on different roles” she said. There is much activity going on throughout the entirety of the night to keep participants awake.

Relay for life is an aspiring event that brings great thought and awareness to the cause. Cancer is a disease that affects everyone in some way, and fundraising to celebrate lives who have conquered the disease, as well as remembering those who have lost the fight, is a great way to come together as a community. With that being said, Relay for Life is popular event where teams compete to walk the top number of laps throughout the night to fight cancer. However even with the competitive spirit, the true meaning of the event remains prevalent.

By Kaylee Lino, Julie Brunette and Matt Lusk

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  • Danielle Ivanovich says:

    Kaylee, Matthew and Julie-great job! Not only an interesting story, but filled with quality content in regards to the interviews and b roll. I think the edits discussed in class were greatly noted and the final product turned out great.

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    Morgan Murphy says:

    This is a really well done video! The story was entertaining and visually appealing. The rule of thirds was used perfectly and your interviews were interesting. My only critical commentary would be the written story format. Was it suppose to be online story format? so small paragraphs? If I’m wrong, sorry ha. But everything else is great!

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