QSA holds third annual drag show

Lights, camera, fabulous!

Alter Ego: Drag Party is QSA’s third annual drag show that was held in the Tuscan Ballroom at the Hospitality School on Wednesday, May 13th. The party kicked off at 7:30 with an opening act by professional drag performer Lacey Fauxx Vandperpump to “Let’s Have a Kiki” by Scissor Sisters.

Along with Miss Vanderpump, students were also treated to professional drag performer Candy Warhol, student drag performer Dillion “Dill-icious” Lynch, and student accapella groups DU First Edition and Exit 205.

One of the main focuses QSA put on this year’s drag party was that it was less of a sit-down show and more of a party and celebration.

Candy Warhol introducing student catwalkers.

Candy Warhol introducing student catwalkers.

“[The drag shows] have been happening for about three years now,” said QSA secretary and sophomore, Becka Black. “We don’t want it to be only a show, though. It is called Alter Ego Drag Party because we also want to have the DJ playing music and people being able to mingle and and dance, and have it be more of a social with performer acts in between.”

Drag 101

This was Lacey Fauxx Vanderpump’s first time visiting the DU campus, but she has been performing for over a year.

“Some girls are dancing queens, some girls are campy queens, and some girls are just pretty. So I try to mix it up,” said Vanderpump. “I try to be funny and over-the-top campy, and I try to be like sexy and have my body out, and I also try to be dance-y. I don’t like to try to stick with one thing but I always like to keep the audience entertained and going, and paying attention to what I’m doing.”

It’s not all glam and false eyelashes, however, as Vanderpump explained that her beauty routine takes up to three hours to achieve.

“I like to give myself at least three hours because I have a whole routine. I ‘ll get ready, I’ll let my eyebrows dry down because you have to glue your brows down and do your makeup. If you’re rushing, you’re just going to get overheated, your makeup’s not going to stick how it should, so I like to give myself a few hours.”

Don’t fear gender queer

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.54.00 PM

Students strike a pose during the party intermission.

Several drag party attendees dressed in drag as a way of exploring their gender identity, celebrating the drag party, or a combination of the two.

“This is the first drag show I’ve ever been to,” says sophomore Danny Brown. “I strongly identify with being gender queer, which basically means that there’s no reason why I shouldn’t wear makeup or a dress or a purse. It’s just [where] anyone can express themselves in any way and I really support that.”

What the future holds

QSA’s drag shows have continued to set an example for other higher education institutions.

“This is a great example of acceptance of the LGBT community,” said student drag performer Dillon “Dill-icious” Lynch. “I’ve been very blessed with my experience at DU, being a senior here. Everyone has been really accepting, from all different aspects and norms. I am so thankful for that. So I think that, again, once you accept who you are and embrace that, I think that the people at DU here will be really accepting towards that as well.”

The show concluded with QSA’s president introducing next year’s executive board and thanking the audience and performers for another successful show.

This year’s drag show will be hard to top next spring!

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  • Kaylee Lino
    Kaylee Lino says:

    It’s a great cover of the event and the audience clearly can see what it is like, what it consists of, etc. Interviews are good, and you followed the rule of 3rds. The only thing I didn’t notice was that the vide consists entirely of interview footage/voice over and there isn’t any narration by yourself/your group about the event, not that necessarily has to be.

  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    You did a great job not only covering the event but turning it into a story with a great beginning, middle, and ending. Your B-roll matches your interviews perfectly and you did a good job with rule of thirds and other compositional factors. The only issue I had was the audio levels but I understand how hard it can be to generate loud-enough interviews. Overall great job! I definitely want to attend the event next year after watching your video/reading your article.

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