DU rallies for men’s lacrosse championship win

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Team member holding their trophy

UNIVERSITY OF DENVER — 5/25/2015 — On Monday, May 25th the University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse team won their first National Championship.

After winning in the final four against Notre Dame in an intense 11-10 overtime victory, students on the University of Denver’s campus were even more hyped up than before, given that their Men’s Lacrosse team would be playing against the Maryland Terrapins for the Title.

Bars and restaurants hosted watch-parties for students and fans on Monday so that everyone could join in and support the team together. Locations included The Pioneer, The Crimson and Gold Tavern, Boone’s Tavern, South Philly’s Cheesesteaks and the Stadium Inn. Students, parents, locals and more all gathered at these locations to watch the Pios battle for their first national title in men’s lacrosse.

After four very exciting and eventful quarters, DU, in convincing fashion, routed the Terrapins of Maryland, with a 10-5 victory. Senior Wesley Berg tallied 5 of the team’s goals, and was named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament to top off his team record 58-goal season. Head Coach Bill Tierney claimed his record 7th national title (his first with DU) making Tierney the first Division I men’s lacrosse coach to win the title at two different schools (prior to helming the Pioneers program Tierney led Princeton to 6 titles).

The victory also marks an important milestone for University of Denver Athletics as a whole: the Men’s Lacrosse title marks the first non-hockey, non-skiing Division I championship in the school’s history.

To celebrate the big win, University of Denver hosted a Pep Rally in Hamilton Stadium to celebrate not only the team, but the entire student body along with faculty, staff and even former chancellor, Daniel Ritchie himself.

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Celebratory cake after the pep rally

On Tuesday, May 26, students showed up en masse, casual fans and diehard Pio fanatics alike, to demonstrate their Pioneer spirit and support the first team to win a National Lacrosse Championship west of the Appalachians. Hoisting the trophy above their heads, the proud lacrosse team made a lap of the gym to a rousing rendition of the DU fight song and a standing ovation from their fans.

After receiving praise from Chancellor Chopp, Chancellor Ritchie, Head Coach Tierney and other important DU figures, the Lacrosse team and their adoring public headed to an area just outside the doors of the Ritchie Center – University of Denver’s sprawling athletic complex – for celebratory cake. Even a violent thunderstorm and powerful gusts of wind couldn’t touch the Crimson and Gold pride and school spirit displayed by the DU community as commemorative photographs were handed out and the lacrosse team members signed autographs.

As the academic year of 2014-15 winds down, the historic lacrosse team NCAA Division I victory is sure to keep the Pio spirit going strong.

Kaylee Lino, Julie Brunette and Matt Lusk


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  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    It’s cool that you were able to document the welcome home for the lacrosse team. It was a historic event of sorts and you did a great job capturing the excitement the DU community had with regards to the national championship win. My only wish is that a few of the interviews were louder, but regardless your shots were all great in terms of composition and variety. Great job!

  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Great job guys! I know you guys had some technical difficulties with the iPad and you guys worked so hard with the footage that you were able to capture at the reception! Great b-roll and you guys were awesome at making sure you covered things from guest speakers to the cake. Next time make sure the interview audio is up a little more, otherwise you guys did an awesome job! 🙂

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