Weekly market Friday Night Bazaar showcases local businesses

A night of friends, fun and food

Friday Night Bazaar is a weekly artisan event that began on March 6th of this year.

“Friday Night Bazaar was inspired by TheBigWonderful because we needed an indoor sister event for TheBigWonderful, so we took this renovated warehouse space and turned it into kind of an indoor centralized marketplace,” said Social Coordinator and Marketing Liaison Kristen Vinson.

“It’s a place for vendors and local artisans to showcase what they’ve got going on. I think it’s really cool that pets are allowed-it’s animal/family friendly. We try to represent a huge genre of vendors here, and I think that that is across the board. Anything from jewelry to clothing to home décor, lawn stuff, anything you could think of, it’s here,” said Vinson.

The Friday Night Bazaar showcases different local talent every week.

The Friday Night Bazaar showcases different local talent every week.

Getting your name out there

Ranging from donut trucks to homemade terrariums to mobile fashion trucks, there is a place for any kind of artisan hoping to expand their brand at Friday Night Bazaar.

“Dapper and Dame is a mobile fashion boutique that we take all around the Denver area where we specialize in men’s and women’s clothing,” said Dapper and Dame owner Cabot Tracey.

“We’ve had a significant amount of people come up to us and say they want us to be at their farmers market…there’s a few Boulder shows we’ve been invited to, and Fort Collins, so it’s actually increased business significantly.”

“[American Grind] takes old school burgers and ice cream and we kind of put our little take on it; fresh ingredients, local, sustainable, as much organic as we can. [We’re] focused on community and doing things the right way,” said American Grind food truck founder Jared Schwartz.

“We got lucky enough to find an extra spot in Friday Night Bazaar, and so far it’s working out pretty good for us.”

Humble beginnings

Friday Night Bazaar is new to the Denver marketplace scene, inspired by a range of exotic places from gypsy divebars in Brooklyn to marketplaces in India.

“Basically, [Friday Night Bazaar] is a year-round warehouse market in Denver that’s just a place for vendors to showcase their goods on a weekly basis in an alternative vibe that hadn’t happened in Denver yet” said TheBigWonderful and Friday Night Bazaar creator Josh Sampson.

“Between the food, the music and the vendors, it’s a nice way to show activation of industrial warehouse space that hasn’t been utilized before.”

Why FNB is unique to Denver

“These marketplaces exist everywhere-all across the country,” said Vinson.

The Friday Night Bazaar is  both dog and family friendly.

The Friday Night Bazaar is both dog and family friendly.

“I think that [Friday Night Bazaar] is unique to Denver because it caters to that unique, hipster market. Of course, there’s other markets that do the same exact thing but we try to centralize everything, make it catered towards live music, and you know, bring a whole mix of things…we just try to switch it up.”

The Friday Night Bazzar is open to all walks of life and is a one-of-a-kind market for the Denver area.

Friday Night Bazaar is running through October 2015. More information can be found on the Friday Night Bazaar Website.

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  • Isabel Raitt
    Isabel Raitt says:

    I loved the wide variety of shots you included in your video, every one fit perfectly with what was being said and kept the video very visually appealing. You also did a great job incorporating interviews from people with all kinds of relations to the event (not just customers, owners or vendors, but a mix of them all). Overall you did a great job, I definitely want to attend the event after watching it!

  • Danielle Ivanovich says:

    Great job! The use of music at the beginning was well placed and this story as a whole was a great way to showcase an event off campus that can easily be attended by students. Your story has great photos and a great use of AP formatting as well.I really like that you not only interviewed the event coordinator, but business owners and employers that work in the trucks rather than just attendees of the event.

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