Parking presents problems for University of Denver students

For many students who attend the University of Denver, walking or biking to class simply is not an option because they live too far away. For these students, finding somewhere to park near their classes can be a struggle, and sometimes just the beginning of their problems with parking their car on campus.

One of the biggest issues is the lack of space to park, which often results in students parking on residential streets in order to get to classes.

This creates a hassle for residents having few spaces to park, many of whom receive numerous tickets. First-year biology majors Libby McCaslin and Anna Brady live in Centennial Towers and drive every day from Buchtel Avenue and High Street to the science buildings on the opposite side of campus. Normally, this walk would take about 30 minutes.

“We have our own lot but it’s over on Buchtel and High Street, which is really far. That’s why we usually drive,” said McCaslin. The lack of general lots on the south side of campus forces them to always use one hour parking.

When asked about their experiences parking on campus, McCaslin and Brady said, “It’s not that good… we’ve had a couple tickets so far.”

Even though the girls generally only leave their cars in the spaces available for an hour during class, they have received several tickets from DU Campus Security. McCaslin has been written four tickets and Brady has had two. They commented on the lack of general lot parking on the south side of campus where the science, math and mass communication buildings are located.

Many students encounter full lots when trying to park for classes.

Many students have a hard time trying to find parking before classes. Parking lots are shared by students and staff alike.

“You can’t really help it if there’s nowhere else to park,” said McCaslin.

The girls suggested that the biggest issue with parking on campus was the one hour restriction because for students who need to go to classes, limiting the time spent in a certain space is not always possible. They also commented that Campus Security patrols on the south side of campus extremely frequently, perhaps more so than is necessary.

They suggested that if Campus Security was going to keep the one hour limit on street parking, that they be a little more lenient about giving out parking tickets.

Reagan Schmidt, a sophomore at DU majoring in psychology had similar recommendations. When asked for her ideas on improvements for the parking situation she said “I would say the amount of time you can park in certain areas and making more general lots for people who pay for parking.”

This is not only a problem for students in the science department, but for residence hall parking as well as various other buildings on campus.

Alexandra Coultec, a junior majoring in economics and cello performance, discussed the difficulties with finding appropriate parking due to exorbitant fees, especially near the Newman Center, located on Iliff and York St.

DU students are required to purchase parking passes if they wish to park on campus, costing up to $700 per year.

DU students are required to purchase parking passes if they wish to park on campus, costing up to $700 per year.

“The agreement was that that part of York would have free parking forever, but the Newmans just got off the board, like they just retired so then they were like ‘Bam,’ now we’re going to have a $500 dollar per academic year permit,” said Coultec.

Coultec reassures however that, “when the new building is done it will be metered parking,” referring to the new Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, which is across the street from the Newman Center.

Oftentimes lots reserved for DU students such as those in dorms can cause a struggle to find parking spaces, due to sporting events and most recently, graduations.

DU released a statement to students and provided information on their website to attendees of these events. Thus far, there have been graduations bi-weekly and will continue to take place over a month’s span from May until DU’s graduation on June 6th.


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  • Kaylee Lino
    Kaylee Lino says:

    Great topic choice and such. Video and audio was all nicely done and the content was on point as well. Parking on campus is a real pain and all students (at least with cars) know that.The story matches and everything is together. This is a good information video not only for Du to recognize for students thinking about having a car on campus, and what they will get themselves into.

  • Lucy Constantino
    Lucy Constantino says:

    Nice job, guys! Parking is such a pain around here and you guys did a great job of gathering perspectives from different students. It would’ve been interesting to hear the perspective from campo or a faculty/staff member though. Good b-roll and interview audio, and the shots matched what the interviewees were saying. Great work! 🙂

  • Morgan Murphy
    Morgan Murphy says:

    This is a good topic for DU! It was nice to know about the general lots and just more general knowledge about parking around campus. I have never had to deal with parking on campus but I hear all of my commuter friends complaining on a daily basis. Good b-roll and use of the rule of 3rds. Good video and sound quality! Good Job!

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