Finals at the University of Denver: student’s stress levels rise

Finals are approaching for the University of Denver. Awaiting summer, students are anxious to finish exams and enjoy their vacations.

Coping Methods for Finals

During finals, the DU study body is under high stress. In order to cope with the large workload that comes along with having multiple finals, students have various strategies.

Many students deal with the effects of procrastination and find themselves on coffee binges and all nighters. “At the end of the quarter, I’m here for three days straight. Lots of coffee. I take naps for a few hours or two during the day because I’m usually up all night,” says Keegan O’Conor, a junior finance major.

Sophomore Hillary Harkins has mastered her study preferences. “I make color coded note cards and typed up study guides,” Harkins says. Hilary is a strategic communications major and finds that balancing school work and physical health is important. Other coping methods Hilary and other students have found helpful include exercising, taking study breaks with friends, getting enough sleep and yoga.

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Students work diligently in the Anderson Academic Commons

“If you’re studying for three hours then just go take a 10 minute break and see some of your friends that’s actually really nice,” O’conor said.

Finding ways to reduce anxiety and stress is crucial during the finals period. The library cafe has free coffee, and the school offers stress relieving events during finals week such as opportunity to play with puppies.

“I really like having the cafe open on the main floor of the library because during finals week they always stay open later and its nice to have food and coffee when I need it so I don’t have to leave if I’m in the middle of an intense study session,” Maurer said.

Because the library can be such a social atmosphere, students find their own preferable study spots on and off campus. Junior marketing major, Morgan Maurer, prefers studying at Stella’s coffee shop on Pearl Street. The quieter atmosphere allows for a more relaxed and focused environment.

“During finals it gets a little crowd, especially on the third floor,” Harkins said. “I try not to come up here around five-nine at night just because there is so many people and I get distracted so easily.”

Finals stress levels

Stress in Anderson Academic Commons is palpable during finals week as students begin studying for exams. The short quarter system causes finals to sometimes sneak up on students, causing even more stress. “Starting at the beginning of week 10, the library gets super crowded and you can feel definitely feel everyone’s stress levels starting to rise,” Maurer said.

O’Coner, hasn’t started feeling finals stress yet, “Over the weekend and Monday, Tuesday especially will be extremely high,” he said. “Everyone is going to be slamming coffees and trying to get everything done last minute.”

Coffee is a crucial staple of a DU student's finals diet

Coffee is a crucial staple of a DU student’s finals diet

“If we were on a semester system, it would be much different,” Harkins said. “I feel like i wouldn’t be as crammed and have as many tests.”

With DU’s quarter system, students only have 10 weeks followed by a final examination period to complete 16 credits. Compared to the semester system, which has 15-16 weeks to cover the information, quarter system schools move through material at a much faster pace.

“We have that same amount of material crunched into ten weeks, so the amount of material makes it more stressful, but at the same time it’s kinda nice just to get the final over with,” Mauer said.

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