Parking problems piss off permit holders


When swiping a permit for the general lot in the general lot, the card reader reads, “invalid permit.”

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Lot C and Lot 103 permit holders received an email from a parking services representative at the University of Denver explaining a set of construction plans that would prevent them from parking in their lots from Nov. 1 to mid-January.

Though they were granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, the affected permit holders are not happy with the compensation, as Lot W and Lot L are located much further from their dormitories than are the lots that they originally paid to park in.

“I feel like I need to be able to park in the lot that I paid for because it is not safe for me to walk home in the dark from the other side of campus where I am supposed to park now”, said Claire Hammen, a nineteen-year-old business major at DU.

“I’ve even gotten several tickets for parking on High St. outside of my dorm in attempts to get home safely”, she added.

Students are getting parking tickets in their attempts to park close to their dorms.

Maddi Steven, an eighteen-year-old freshman at DU, seems to be in the same boat.

“I used to park on the timed lots and used to park behind Towers, but then I got a couple of tickets. I’m not about to get a couple more $25 fines, though, especially because I’ve already paid a couple of hundred dollars for a lot that I specifically chose”, Steven said.

“I paid for Lot C specifically knowing that it was close to where I was going to live and now I can’t park there. It is a safety concern…”, she concluded.

“I definitely think it’s a safety issue”, agreed twenty-year-old biochemistry major, Christine Krentz, who brought up the recent, on-campus armed-robberies and exactly how far she has to walk to get home from her designated temporary lot.

“It is kind of upsetting…I’m just really mad”, Krentz added.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the feelings and attitudes of the affected permit holders, anger and disappointment seems to be a strong, recurring theme, as does the concern for safety.

According to Hammen, Steven, and Krentz alike, they are not the only people who are upset, mad, and concerned about their “inconvenient”, “unfair”, and “ridiculous” circumstance.

Their friends, classmates, and coworkers who paid to park in Lot C or Lot 103 are outraged too, they say.

“I know for a fact that I am not the only person who is angry, getting tickets, and being majorly inconvenienced”, said Hammen.

Unfortunately for Hammen and the other angry, inconvenienced permit holders, though, it was just announced that Lot C and Lot 103 will remain under construction and inaccessible to them for at least another month.

According to Megan Enloe of DU parking services, the progress of the project has been delayed by weather and “…should now conclude by mid-February…”

“This is ridiculous and beyond annoying”, Hammen said upon hearing the news.

2 Responses to Parking problems piss off permit holders

  • Eddie Kamber
    Eddie Kamber says:

    This is a really interesting topic. I remember when I used to live on campus my freshman and sophomore year the parking situation was always a complete nightmare. It’s definitely nice to see this topic get some much needed attention.

  • Andrew Janson
    Andrew Janson says:

    I guess I’m lucky I got a permit for Lot N under Nelson instead of one of these, which I was considering when I bought the permit. I like how you drew the story together (mainly) through three different people whose like perspectives really furthered the point. Even with my permit I still have trouble finding space, and I think that parking will continue to be a problem in some way or another. I know that the card-swipes and the gates for some lots have just been left open because the software infrastructure is broken or something. Anyway, good story. It’s always nice to know that we’re not alone when it comes to issues like this.

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