The untold opportunities of the Newman Center revealed

The Newman Center is one of the newest buildings at the University of Denver. You don’t have to step inside to know that Newman is full of beauty because the outside architecture of the building expresses what happens inside: art. Unfortunately, not many students on campus know the secret treasures that the Newman Center holds. Located on the southern end of campus, the Newman Center is out of sight for many students who are not involved with the music program.

The photographs featured help tell the story of the Newman Center by capturing the events and opportunities that are offered within the building to students of all majors. Each photograph represents a new opportunity that awaits. The goal of these photographs is to grasp the attention of students who want to expand their knowledge and musical skills.
During the photographic process, I found that the Newman Center had much more to capture than I originally believed. I spent much of my time exploring new resources that the Newman Center had to offer, such as concerts, practice rooms, music lessons and more. It was difficult to narrow down what should be photographed and  what should be left out. I chose to picture the resources that are available to the majority of students on campus and exclude parts of the Newman Center that are reserved for only Lamont students and faculty.
One of the most beneficial parts of the photographic process was experiencing the opportunities first-hand. Though I did not take a music lesson from one of the Lamont students, I did interact with one of the instructors while they were preparing for a lesson. I also attended concerts and spent time in the practice rooms. I wish I had spent more time watching others experience these new opportunities so that I could have captured more people in my photographs. I learned more about my patience as a photographer and what it feels like to capture life in my photos. I also learned that I have a long way to go before I will be comfortable and confident in taking photos.
My issue story focused on the facilities and resources in the music department that are offered to all students at the University of Denver. The photographs match the resources that I laid out in the written story, giving the audience a better idea of what the Newman Center holds. The photographic process helped me realize that there are a lot of opportunities on college campuses that students are often unaware of and need to be educated on in order to receive the best college experience.
Newman Center from jogreenwall

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  • Andrew Janson
    Andrew Janson says:

    I like how you balanced the perspectives of music students, and what they can get out of the building with the thoughts of non-music students. It’s cool that there are spaces in the Newman Center that aren’t really specific to music majors. I also had no idea that many of the events were free. I think this is a good piece that offers some good information on a building that probably a lot of people don’t know enough about to appreciate.

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