What to wear: snow and ice edition

My slide show focuses in on what types of winter weather clothing items students should wear when it is icy and cold outside. Being in proper winter gear for braving the slipper paths on campus is very important, and no one likes freezing on their way to class. My topic covered not only foot wear but also coats, layers, and other accessories students should consider investing in in order to be safe and warm during the winter months here in Colorado.

I decided to tell this story through showing photos of different spots on campus with icy or slick paths and places were sidewalks are not plowed. In addition to shots of the actual path and weather conditions, I also included shots of three different winter weather outfits and some photos of different footwear options for female students. Overall, my slideshow aimed to visually communicate why it is important to have winter apparel items and what types of items are functional, yet still stylish.

For my slideshow I decided I wanted to show more than just different winter outfits, but rather show why it is important to wear appropriate winter gear. To show this I strategically photographed spots on and around campus with icy or slick pathways with foot marks and skid marks. I also decided to show some of the areas on campus where, despite the warm weather, the snow has not quite melted away yet.

These photos effectively compose a story by showing why you need winter gear, but also what types of winter gear are best for surviving the snow and cold. I also photographed a lot of snow and ice because I felt that it was artistic, but also symbolically got my point across. Overall, I feel that my photos accomplished my goal of showing more than just cute winter gear and actually telling a story about being warm and safe on campus during the winter season.

My photographic process was somewhat of a struggle because while I have a very nice digital camera, I am still not able to control all aspects of my shots. Capturing motion was tricky for me but I feel that after trying a few times I was able to get a nice shot of Amanda and Molly playing with the dog. Next time I would definitely move around more in order to capture the perfect shot rather than just using the flash and editing software on my computer to fix some of the shadows and highlights. I also struggled with making sure the colors of the clothing popped behind the white snow, but also that the faces of my subjects weren’t too washed out when I upped the contrast.

I strategically chose to use the photos that I felt looked best as a cohesive group in terms of their lighting, saturation, and subject matter. The other photos I took, a few of them being pairs of unsuitable shoes for snow, were good but ultimately they didn’t fit into the collect that I wanted to create that would communicate my story effectively. In the end I feel that I learned a lot about how to put together photos that work well together and how to create photos using the framing and other techniques we learned.

The focus of my issue story was to describe what kinds of winter apparel items students need in order to stay safe and warm during the winter months in Colorado. I affectively linked this idea into my slide show by visually communicating what students wear when it is cold out and where there are snowy and icy spots on campus.

The photo project that I created helped me to look at my story in a more cohesive way. Rather than looking at the story as fragments that focus on different topics, I was able to look at how all of the information fit together to create a full story. The project as a whole was good because it made me contemplate how to communicate a story through photos instead of prose and in the end I feel that I did a good job making that conversion.

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  • Chloe Barrett
    Chloe Barrett says:

    I think the photos you chose to include do a great job of portraying the hazardous weather conditions on DU’s campus if you do not have the right apparel. I agree that the photos help to represent your story cohesively, with all the elements represented—what to wear, the danger of cold weather on campus, etc. My only suggestion is to include examples of winter weather clothing for men. All around great job on your slideshow!

  • Brielle Durant says:

    Hayley – I like the different types of photos you included in your slideshow. They were shot at unique and creative angles, which made your slideshow interesting to go through!The photos also do a nice job of lining up with what you are talking about and hod relevance to your story. You also do a nice job of balancing people photos and scenery photos!

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