Students speaking out

This slideshow is showing that DU students do not always agree, and that is expected. More importantly, the slideshow is asking whether or not students feel comfortable speaking in class. Do students feel comfortable expressing their views in a classroom filled with students who may not agree and who may chastise them for speaking out and saying something ignorant or “stupid?”

With this slideshow, I am hoping to show three students’ view on speaking out in class, and why they feel comfortable or why they do not. Additionally, I intend to portray DU’s campus as a place where conflicting opinions can and do co-exist.

I chose to photograph students in class and on campus, in addition to the students I interviewed. I felt as though it would do well for the story if there was a face given to the students stating how they feel on the topic.

As far as process went, photographing mid-day when the sun was still high in the sky worked the best for lighting and getting interesting shots. There were a lot of zoomed in shots that I had to omit, because they were not as clear as I thought they would be. Close up shots worked the best, especially those of people talking. I would say “tell me a story that is slightly upsetting,” and that is how I would get the shot I wanted that fit with their quote.

The slideshow links well with my written story because it follows the same topic and pulls quotes from the original. The photos illustrate what I am saying in the written story, and the two cover the same topic. Taking these photos allowed me dive deeper into my topic, and shed some light on student opinion. I have learned that while students may not always feel comfortable speaking out in class, a lot of them have no problem expressing their views outside of the classroom, whether that be anonymously (writing on the graffiti wall) or openly (having a campaign sign on their lawn.)

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