DU students struggle to find suitable living arrangements: Slideshow

The slideshow features pictures from throughout the University of Denver neighborhood. All the photos are related to the story’s main theme of off-campus housing in and around the DU area. Given that on-campus living options are incredibly difficult for upperclassman at DU to attain, this story is of the utmost importance to the community.

With each individual slide, the story behind off-campus housing at DU is further revealed. By featuring two different DU students in the slideshow, and offering insight from other in the community, the story of off-campus housing at DU is personalized.

Throughout the slideshow I chose to photograph different parts of the DU neighborhood that further told the story of off-campus housing at DU. This meant thinking a bit outside the box. An example of thinking outside the box would be the slide which features construction workers building a new housing complex. Although most people thinking about off-campus housing at DU don’t necessarily think about construction workers, the workers are none-the-less an important element of the story.

The photographic process for this story was relatively straight forward. With that said, one challenge was trying to brainstorm ways in which off-campus housing at DU could become a compelling visual story. This was done by taking close up pictures, distance shots and remembering the rule of thirds. The latter was especially important in making sure the images were of top quality. The photographic process also offered important experiencing in deciding what content to use and not use. By applying different photography rules, I was successfully able to select content that would be most appropriate for the slideshow.

The slideshow itself relates very strong to the original issue story. By utilizing the slideshow to elaborate upon points made in the story, the audience will learn something new. An example of this is featuring a slide that informs readers about the average housing cost in the city of Denver, something the issue story did not focus on. Not only did the slideshow relate to the issue story, it complimented the story in an effective manner.

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  • Jordan Greenwall
    Jordan Greenwall says:

    Really nice job! This is such an important topic that is relevant for students each year after coming back from abroad. I really liked how you incorporated students into your pictures, giving the issue more life. I also liked how you focused on different aspects of the DU neighborhoods, since students can live a few blocks away or more. Your statistics and captions also added another dimension to the story that I found to be more impacting.

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