Commuter students: more than just a drive

This slideshow is about the challenge that commuter students may face in traveling to and from campus, especially with regards to joining in on extracurricular activities or clubs.  As I found in my issue story, at least some commuter students have trouble juggling their school and work responsibilities, with finding time to make the drive to and from campus.  I also found that regardless of whether or not they live on campus, students can understand that the extra travel might deter commuters from participating in extracurricular clubs or groups.

The photos I took were shaped by my desire to tell the larger story through the individual by using several photos each of a few different commuter students.  Over the course of a day I looked for shots that would demonstrate some things that commuter students do that are specific to them, and these photo ideas were shaped by the comments of those I interviewed and my own experience.

Taking photos in the early evening or at night proved difficult, as I could never seem to catch the right moments when I had my tripod set up (necessary for the low light).  Most of the night shots I took were scrapped because they were just too blurry, so in the future I would use a monopod to capture those quick moments.  I would also start out with many more photo shot ideas in hand.  I discovered it’s not always so much the quantity of individual photographs as much as it is the quantity of moments that you want to capture.  I had more than enough ideas when I started, but in practice I found it very difficult to actually capture some of the moments that I had in my mind’s eye.  I realized it takes a lot of time and effort to place yourself in the right places at the right times.

My goal with the slideshow was to connect it to my issue story on the same topic by treating as an an extension of the issue story, expanding on some of the people I interviewed and putting faces to the names.  While using photos did not cause me to look at the issue any differently, I did learn that there are many other students that also commute.

Commuters at DU from Andrew Janson

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