Todays 21st classroom

In the 21st century, we are surrounded by technology from the minute our alarms go off in the morning to the moment we put our phones down before bed.  In my photo slideshow I tried to show University of Denver students using technology in class, as well as some students using notebooks.  My photos are representative of my story because they show how DU students do not prefer technology over notebooks or notebooks over technology.  It seems the subject of the class determines whether or not students bring laptops to class.  Although DU has no campus wide policy regarding laptop use in class, many professors have policies of their own.


My photos are intended to reveal the atmosphere of classrooms on DU’s campus and how popular it is for students to use laptops in class.  I tried to portray the classroom from both the professors’ and students’ points of view.  I believe the photos are good examples of what today’s typical college classroom resembles.


It was not very difficult to decide what photos would work best to make my story more appealing.  I thought it would be best to have photos of students using their laptops in class and in the library. I also wanted to show students using notebooks because my interviewees said they preferred handwriting notes in class.  I thought a picture of a classroom would work well to show readers that it can be intimidating standing in front of many students.


Unfortunately, it was challenging for me to have a wide variety of photos, ironically because technology is distracting in class.  I found it difficult to really get the angles and situations I wanted to portray because students were in class, professors did not want me to interrupt or they gave me limited time to take photos.  In the library, I was able to get more of the shots I had envisioned for this story because I could take my time, get close-ups and adjust depth of field.


My photos add a nice feature to my story which hopefully makes it more appealing to readers.  The photos allow readers to see what a typical DU classroom looks like and imagine students in a situation where some chose to use technology and others do not.

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