Saying goodbye to SAE

My issue story deals with the topic of Sigma Alpha Epsilons’ suspension from the University of Denver’s campus and the many questions that students have surrounding the suspension. With this story, I hope to answer DU student’s questions to the best of my ability regarding the suspension by gathering the facts from DU administration, reliable sources, and others involved in campus life and activities. I also want to portray the impact this has on an SAE student himself and his reaction to the situation as well as reflections about his time in the Chapter.

In answering and uncovering these key questions surrounding the suspension, I feel it is important for students to know why the Chapter was suspended and the thorough overview of the Chapter that went in to making the decision. With the facts out in the open, speculations and confusion can be put to rest and allow the process of the members moving forward to continue.

I chose to take most of my pictures of the SAE house because it was such a signature part of their Chapter on DU’s campus, especially because their house was practically in the middle of campus. It is a well-known landmark on campus and the building has a quaint and rustic look. The house had many interesting angles to work with, which allowed me to capture compelling and visually attractive photos. I found myself working a lot with lines, angles, and depth of field, as shown in my photos. I also chose to photograph the administration building and sign to capture a different side to the story. I also photographed SAE apparel and their letters as a creative way to represent the chapter.

While taking my photos I found that pictures following the rule of lines came most naturally, as well as shooting with creative angles. Depth of field was more challenging to shoot with on the iPhone, as the out of focus feature was difficult to achieve. Sometimes I would have to take several photos of the same object but in slightly different ways or at different angles and then compare them to see which one was visually stronger. The lighting was also a challenge at times to work with, as I had to make sure to avoid over or under exposure.

My slideshow correlates to my issue story through the captivating photos of the SAE house, which depict much of what the issue was about in terms of the on-campus fraternity facility. When talking about the administration side to the story, I capture photos of the administration building as well as the sign to the building. I did my best to provide a photo that illustrates all of the aspects covered in my issue story, much of which surrounded questions and issues regarding the SAE house.

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