DU campus lacks healthy food choices, frustrating students

Over the years, healthy and mindful eating has gained traction across the nation and it has especially taken off on college campuses. At the University of Denver (DU), students are active and interested in where their food comes from, caring about what types of food they are fueling their bodies with.

DU’s food provider, Sodexo, has recently made strides in their efforts to provide students with more healthy, sustainable and sensible food options, but students still feel that the university and Sodexo could do a better job of providing their campus with simple snacks like fruits and veggies, or with meals that are less fatty and more wholesome.

For my Issue Article, I wanted to focus on DU’s dining culture, gaining an inside look at how students feel about the food options they have on campus. Through my research and interviews, I found that most students were disappointed and frustrated by the lack of healthy options on campus, but that some Pioneers felt like DU’s overall food culture was improving.

For my slideshow, I wanted to capture images that depicted what I was talking about in my article, such as what C-Stores stock, along with what types of food students fill their dining hall plates with. By visiting campus food providing locations, I feel that I was able to capture a variety of images that supported my article and added interest to my argument. Through my slideshow, I wanted to show my readers what they were reading about, sharing with them images of campus and campus dining facilities, which would ultimately help make my article and story come to life.

Taking the majority of my images at Nelson Dining Hall, I really struggled with getting consent from students to take their photographs. Apparently, students are self conscious when it comes to what’s on their plate and how they look when they are eating, which made it hard to collect photos with human subjects.

If I were to do this project again, I would have liked to start taking my photos more in advance in hopes to gain more images of human subjects. Although I captured a few photos of DU students eating, I would have liked to have more because students and their campus eating habits was the core of my article and argument.

Looking back at my slideshow and comparing it to my article, I feel that the two really work together, creating a balance of text and imagery that supports the story and issue I was tackling; the lack of healthy food on DU’s campus. Also, taking these images and talking to more students, my original perspective on Sodexo and DU’s eating culture slightly changed. Spending time in the dining halls, I noticed that more students were eating foods like salad and rice than pizza and burgers, making me feel happy that my peers were provided with and making the healthier choice.

Overall, I am pleased with my photographs and my story, as I feel that both succeeded in telling the story of DU students and DU dining.

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  • Cordelia Tafoya
    Cordelia Tafoya says:

    Great photos, Jillian. They are complementary to your story and their captions are all very insightful. Your slideshow, ultimately, was a pleasure to view, just as your reflection was to read.

    I liked your photos of peoples’ plates the most and found your comment about self-conscious student diners to be very interesting.

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