Caffeine culture on DU’s campus

How do college students start their mornings? With a big cup of coffee while reviewing a planner filled with academic and social obligations. The amount of caffeine intake on the University of Denver has become a health issue. This slideshow focuses in on the culture and the community that has developed around coffee and caffeine intake on the University of Denver’s campus. 

I choose to focus in on the coffee culture and the vulnerability behind it, because throughout my interviews my participants stated that they felt that coffee was more of the dominating factor in the issue rather than just caffeine itself.  Each of the photographs in the slideshow are able to portray the reliance and the relationship that our University students have with coffee. It was not difficult being able to find students drinking and consuming coffee during the photographic process.  I really enjoyed being able to capture the environment that Beans provides to all of the campus community. If I had continued to photograph over a longer period of time, I would have found myself truly being able to interact with the people at Beans.

My goal for this slideshow was to be able to provide a look into the consumption of caffeine on campus.. I chose to photograph some of the students that I interviewed for my Issue story which I believe helps provide a link back to the concerns and thoughts about the coffee culture here on the University of Denver’s campus.

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  • Jillian Queri
    Jillian Queri says:

    Hey Shannon! I really enjoyed your pictures; I feel like you gathered a nice variety of images that complimented both your article and slideshow reflection. I agree with you when you say that Beans is a great place to gather and to meet people. I can’t image campus without it!

    In your slideshow, I was glad to see a large amount of human subjects, like students hanging out and Beans and the baristas working. If I were someone who had never been to Beans, your photographs and images would have helped me understand what the store and the atmosphere is like. Thanks for sharing! Well done. 🙂

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