Parking lot construction poses problems to permit holders

Due to construction, Lot C and Lot 103 parking-permit holders at the University of Denver have been unable to access their pre-purchased lots since the beginning of November. They have been granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, but are not happy with the compensation at all, as Lots W and L are located much further from their dormitories than are Lots C and 103. They are also unhappy with the parking tickets they have been receiving in their attempts to park close to their residence halls to stay safe.

Knowing their concerns and frustrations, I chose to photograph the things that I feel best represent them: no parking signs, “invalid site” messages on card-readers, cars with parking tickets, blocked-off lot spaces, and people using alternative sites.

Overall, taking the photos was pretty fun. It was somewhat difficult at times, though, as my shadow or my reflection often made its way into the pictures that included vehicles. In the end, I had to get rid of a lot of them and either try again from different angles or take a different picture completely. I also had to choose a lot of the photos I did based on lighting.

This photo project, ultimately, illustrates my issue story and brings it to life. It provides a visual to readers and allows them to better connect to the issue. It also allowed me to connect better by making me look deeper into and differently at an issue that I have dealt with every day. By taking photos, I realized how many people the construction in Lots C and 103 is really affecting.

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