Images from the midst of DU’s Winter crime-wave


DENVER – As the Winter temperatures plummet and the workload of classes begins to weigh down on DU students, there’s yet another issue for people to be stressed over: crime. Just since November of 2015, there have been 84 Campus Safety reports filed; many of which concern sexual assault, armed robbery, or forced fondling. This is unfortunately not simply a spike in criminal activity, but rather a continuation of an alarming trend for the University of Denver area.

It is my sincere goal that students see these photos and recognize just how close to home some of these attacks are. By seeing the places where these attacks took place, I hope to add to the narrative that is told by the numerous concerned phone calls and emails that every DU student gets almost on a daily basis. It’s one thing to hear about someone being attacked, but to see where it happened and realize it’s right down the street where people walk to class every day, it may help to wake some members of the community to the very real dangers lurking in our neighborhood.

Throughout this process, I found that it’s incredibly hard to portray any sort of threatening activity happening on the streets of an upper-class liberal university. I wanted to show the darker side of DU, but unfortunately it’s too hard to stop thinking of the campus and surrounding area as home. However, this only adds to the imperceptible danger that students must now worry about and opened my eyes to the fact that because we, as students, have become so content with our surroundings, we often forget that there are still people out there who would jump at the chance to have the opportunities we do.

So, in conclusion, stay safe out there, Pioneers.

3 Responses to Images from the midst of DU’s Winter crime-wave

  • Hayley Posner
    Hayley Posner says:

    I really liked the pictures you chose since they really help frame the incidents in my mind. I agree that it is not easy to portray DU as a “dangerous” place or a school that is particularly sketchy in some spots, but I liked the look of your photos. Capturing them in the daylight I think, helps students to see that these are unsuspecting areas that can be questionable at night. Overall great job, one thing though the caption on the 9th photo is impossible to read, maybe take a look and try to put in a text box!

  • Eddie Kamber
    Eddie Kamber says:

    This is a really interesting article that gives a personal look at the recent crimes hitting DU. I especially enjoyed how you were able to give the reader a visual as to where these crimes have been taking place. The only thing I would change would be maybe featuring more people in your slideshow.

  • Adam Glasser
    Adam Glasser says:

    DJ great job on this i like how you placed the text in a number of different locations in your slide-show. With all the recent attacks and robberies in the area this is a very relevant subject to the DU student population. I also thought it was great that you tried to build a little drama/intrigue with your captions, especially on slide 3

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