Building: A better world

DENVER- The ongoing construction of the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science is something that most MFJS student come into contact with on a daily basis. After receiving a tremendous donation from Daniel Ritchie in 2013, the University of Denver directed a lot of energy toward the creation of the newest DU landmark. I’ve been very interested in the development of this supposedly hyper-advanced super-school since the beginning of it’s construction in 2014. Additionally, this project also drew my attention because a large portion of my friends are engineering and computer science majors, so I hear about the hype surrounding the new facility fairly often.

When trying to organize what pictures I wanted to take and use in my audio slideshow, I knew that I wanted to capture the feeling of being inside and around a construction site. Namely, I wanted to show the audience the extreme bustle and organized chaos of a huge project under development. In order to do this, I chose to take quite a few photos of the workers themselves going about various tasks, trying to get as many yellow-vested laborers in the frame as possible. This was to, hopefully, give people an idea of how much work was being done in just about every square foot of the site. With my audio, I definitely wanted the audience to experience as much sensory input as possible. So, I recorded various ambient sounds from the site and played them in the background of the slideshow in much the same way that the sound would be present if you were passing by the site. I also made a point to have my interviewee just louder than the construction as to be audible but still make the sound of the building always present.

The text in my slideshow was meant to compliment the obvious information that is provided by the photos (such as the scale of the construction and materials used) with some more ambiguous information that the audience may not know. I did have some trouble with my text as there were only a few colors that would work well in my very colorful photos, but I eventually settled on a black and red theme that I managed to make work for the photos I used. However, if I were to do this project over again, I would probably get more photos that included classrooms or students in the frame, just to bring it a little closer to home.


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