Women’s Safety On Campus

The story I aimed to convey in my slide show is that of the women of DU and how they feel about their safety. I included photos of both people and places to help frame the story in terms of who is being affected, where are they being affected and what can we do to change this. I wanted to make this a serious piece and I think I was able to accomplish this goal. Some of my photos were meant to be more symbolic rather than literal in their meaning so that the slide show had depth rather than just putting all very obvious photos up.

I feel that my slideshow accurately captures the mood and feeling of the people I interviewed and of many other females on campus. Sexual assault is a serious issue on our campus and its hard to deal with for many reasons but one main issue is that the attacks are not being taken seriously by some students. I feel that overall my audio slide show, really captured the feelings of the viewers and made a statement like I was hoping it would.

I chose to shoot a group of images that I felt represented the issue of women’s safety on campus. I wanted to really paint a picture of how students are feeling and what types of objects and places are associated and related to women’s safety on campus. I decided to put the images of my interviewees over the audio of their first quote to help the audience understand who is speaking and I tried to pair what they were saying with some of the non portrait images. I wanted to put the more powerful photos scattered throughout the video and attempted to time the music with the audio of the interviews.

My audio slide show was shot specifically in black and white because I felt that the black and white really enhanced the over all somber tone of the project. I also did not want for any of the colors or backgrounds to be distracting to the audience, so black and white was the perfect way to minimize that. I strategically made my text easy to read and concise for identifying my interviewees and only used the text on the portrait shots because I did not want to take any attention away from my landscape shots. In terms of pairing my audio and music, I purposefully chose slow sad music to help give my photos another dimension and to contribute to the overall feel of the slideshow. The music really enhances the emotional punch attached to the slideshow and helps fill the silence or pauses in the audio recordings.

The photographic process for this project was not hard, however dark lighting did cause me some issues. When I was trying to shoot my interviewees photos the dark lighting was very difficult to work with because the flash would wash them out but no flash would make them blurry and too dark. I eventually had to play with the flash to get it to be less intense and more manageable. Also shooting photos on and around campus can in general be hard because there are always people photobombing in the background or some kind of distracting object or scene in the background.

Overall, taking the photos was fun and not too difficult to do and I feel that all of the photos I took are both visually appealing as well as symbolically appealing. The audio part of my project did to some degree add some trouble. Taking the audio quotes was really hard because often we had too much background noise in one spot and had to reschedule and re record in a new place. It also was hard to figure out pairing photos to the audio so that the slideshow and cohesion and made logical sense. Next time I would definitely make sure that I had more time to shoot the photos and had more audio to choose from because that would have given me more options in terms of what information was being presented. In the end I learned a lot about what is good audio and how to string together different media to create a powerful visual multi media story.



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  • Jillian Queri
    Jillian Queri says:

    Hayley- you really did a wonderful job with this project. I’m glad you went with the black and white photographs, as it really added to the emotion and interest of your story. If the photos would have been in color, I think it would have had a different and less serious effect, so well done! Also, I enjoyed the variety of interviews you had, as each story was interesting to hear. Overall, well done! I’m very impressed!

  • Cordelia Tafoya
    Cordelia Tafoya says:

    Hayley, I too really liked that you chose a black and white theme for your pictures. It really added to the mood and message of the slideshow. I also really like your topic and the interviews you included. Great job!

  • Shannon O'Mara says:

    The black and white photos were incredibly impactful as you were telling the story of so many people’s experience on our campus. Super impressed by your interviews and how you were able to convey the emotion through the photos during your slideshow.
    Great job!

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