DU College Republicans: The right side of campus

Throughout the slideshow a wide variety of photos are featured. The first photo of the presentation is a snapshot of the DU College Republican homepage. This photo provides an introduction to the presentation. The next few photos range from snapshots around the DU campus, relevant to College Republicans, to photos from Jake Viano’s campaign for city council which members DU Republicans volunteered with in the spring of 2015.

After featuring shots from Viano’s campaign, the slideshow goes on to feature three other DU Republican events. These events have both occurred over the past few weeks. With photos of the interviewees participating in DU Republicans events and a photo from a recent DU Republican meeting, the viewer is given an interesting take of what life as a member of DU Republicans is also about. Some other photos featured are from the recent debate watch party, DU Republican’s Senate Candidate Forum and DU Republican’s recent trip to Iowa to participate in the weekend leading up to the caucuses.

The audio and text allow for the photos to tell a coherent story. By having the text simply inform the reader of the speaker, it is minimally intrusive but still informs the reader. The featured speakers for the interview portion also give the outsider a fair perspective of what DU Republicans is actually like. This is because the slideshow features an interview with a regular member in addition to the President of the club.

The most difficult part in creating this slideshow was utilizing Photoshop’s video timeline to time the audio and photo portions of the presentation Timing was critical because it allowed the text, audio and photographic portions of the presentation to come together and allow for a complete story to be told.

In creating the slideshow, it was clear a few elements both worked and did not necessarily worked. One aspect that worked very well was being able to utilize Photoshop’s features to relatively easily create transitions. These transitions made the overall presentation more interesting and visually pleasing. One aspect of the presentation that did not necessarily work was attempting to add movement to the photos. Due to Photoshop’s complexities it was incredibly difficult (if not impossible), to add movement to the photos other than the text. Aside from this minor issue, the overall slideshow was a success.

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