Beans Cafe: DU’s hidden gem

The photos in this slideshow serve to primarily add a visual element to an otherwise mostly audio story.  The photos I chose to make up the slideshow are, in most instances, photos that support what is being said in the interviews I recorded.  After paring down the audio I had from the interviews, I tried to put it together in such a way that a story came out that (briefly) explained how Beans came to be, and then explained more in depth what value Beans has for the campus and its community.

Since the audio was the primary focus of the slideshow, I let that guide me towards good photo ideas.  After interviewing my interviewees, I went back and listened for things that they said that would translate well into a photograph.  In other words, I asked myself ‘What photos could I take that would back up the audio I had?’  That is what ultimately shaped why I photographed what I did.  When actually putting everything together, all I really had to do was make sure that I aligned the photos I took with the relevant part of the interview.

As far as the process goes, it was mostly pretty smooth.  The only real snag I had was that I felt like the interview material I had was fairly limiting as far as what photos I could take.  Basically, a lot of the good information I got from the interviews was about the value that Beans has, and “value” as a concept is something that is difficult to photograph.  I still think I was able to choose photos that were appropriate for the subject matter, but this was one area where I feel slightly better planning might help.

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