Student safety on campus

My slideshow seeks to tell the story of the recent string of campus fondlings, thefts, and robberies plaguing the DU community. In the past year alone there have been armed robberies, car theft, bicycle theft, sexual assault and fondling, as well as a bomb threat. I interviewed 3 DU students and a sergeant in campus safety to get multiple opinions on this subject, from different angles. I think having the opinions of real DU students makes my audio slideshow more informative and engaging, and puts a real face, and voice, to the indirect victims of these crimes.

This topic is incredibly important to students because if you don’t feel safe on your campus it can be hard to focus on your work, or even just go out and relax, without fear of being attacked or robbed. These attacks combined with the consistent DU safety alerts, updates, have certainly created an uneasy atmosphere in the minds of DU students. These stories need to be told so that the community as a whole works together to put an end to these kinds of behaviors

I chose to photograph the locations of the various assaults and robberies to give context to my viewer about just how close they occurred to the main campus area of the school, and to help people better understand how far close they are. I think it also creates the sobering effect of forcing my viewer to confront the reality that assaults have become a part of life for DU students, and seeing exactly where they happen helps people to stay away from those areas.

I think in general the video editor in Photoshop is relatively difficult to use, and not particularly user friendly, i find both IMovie and Final Cut to be easier to use personally. In addition sizing issues were a problem for me, in terms of making my photos fit easily inside the frame of the screen without warping the image. Going to the locations where these incidents occurred also made me realize just how close they are to “home” as I live in the same apartment complex as one of my interviewees, which is about 30 feet from where a fondling happened. I excluded photos that I felt did not convey the seriousness of this problem, or were not lit, or exposed, correctly. Next time I would like to use on of the DSLR’s available to us to improve the quality of my photos, and have more control over my images. In addition I would have liked to get a photo of sergeant Johnson, but since he was extremely busy the week i interviewed him, I could not. It would have been nice to get a face to go along with the information in my slidewhow

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