Claire Hammen – DU student-athlete

In my audio slideshow, I have included photos of University of Denver gymnast, Claire Hammen as she competed in a meet against Utah State. However, though the photos only show her competing in one meet, they are very telling of her life as dedicated student-athlete, as they illustrate the athleticism and focus required by the sport of gymnastics, as well as they do the love, happiness, and satisfaction that comes with it. I chose the photos that I did and put them in the order I did for this reason and know that emotion and talent, ultimately, were what I aimed to capture.

I strongly believe that Claire’s voiceover, paired with her floor-routine song, contributed to these things too and wouldn’t change much of anything if I could. Of the building process, however, I do wish that I could’ve found a way to fill the frames of certain slides without adding two layers of pictures or cutting part of my photos out.

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  • Jillian Queri
    Jillian Queri says:

    Cordy- I really enjoyed your slideshow! I’m glad you were able to incorporate her floor routine music, as it really added to your photographs and Claire’s stories. Your pictures were great and you succeed in capturing interesting action shots (crucial to this type of story) with nice color, depth of field and contrast. Also, I found your interview with Claire to be very interesting; it was cool to hear about what it’s like to be a collegiate gymnast! Well done. 🙂

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