Fighting waste, feeding people

The topic of my audio slideshow is the Food Recovery Network chapter at the University of Denver, started by junior Paul Sherman. The goal of my slideshow is to raise awareness for, and bring publicity to, DU’s chapter of FRN. In order to do this, I went along on a recovery mission and took corresponding photos of Paul and Zach getting the food, packing it into the car and delivering it to the Denver Rescue Mission. I spent time getting a lot of action shots and candid photos in order to express the movement and of the story and illustrate the work that goes into participating in a food recovery.

I aimed to get a variety of photos, and so I worked hard to feature as many aspects of the recovery that I could. What worked really well was the photos of Paul and Zach with the volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission. The photographs that he is in depict his enthusiasm and gratefulness towards FRN, and the photos do well to liven up the slideshow. Other photos that worked well were the still shots that I took of Paul and Zach when first introducing them to the story.

I put the photos in order of events that took place during the food recovery, so I could give the viewer the most true sense of how a recovery works. I started with photos of obtaining and weighing the extra food, and then went on to packing the food in the car. From there, I showed pictures of the Denver Rescue Mission, and then I showed photos of Paul and Zach giving the food to the volunteer and carrying it into the shelter. Aside from the introduction, I did not integrate a lot of text into my photos, because I did not want to overwhelm my viewers with too many words. I put audio into my slideshow by emailing myself sound bites I gathered off of my iphone. From there, I opened the software Sound Studio and was able to cut up and edit my sound bites. After doing this, I integrated the sound into my slideshow and edited the duration of each photo shown in order to match the corresponding audio. I logged onto the Free Music Archive from Creative Commons and chose a piano piece that I deemed fitting for my slideshow. My music intentions were to keep the piece flowing by being relatively lively, but not over-power the photos or Paul and Zach’s audio.

Next time, I would do my best to go on a food recovery in the morning instead of one in the evening if I were trying to take photos. While my photos still did turn out nicely, and I got some shots that I am really happy with, I do think that I would’ve had a much easier time getting the shots that I wanted in the sunlight. I took about 58 photos and only ended up using 20. This tactic worked really well for me because I had a lot to choose from. Next time I would also try to go on a recovery with more people, just to illustrate that while the club just started, it is expanding and lively. However it is hard to foresee the number of students that show up to each recovery, seeing that the number changes each time.

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