Steam Espresso Bar instills community in DU area

Focusing on Steam Espresso Bar, I wanted to capture the beauty and ambiance of the shop, along with telling the story of how two DU alum had a dream and a goal.

Through my photography, I feel like I succeeded in capturing all aspects of the store; I captured the coffee, the indoor interior, outdoor interior, the customers and the staff. Through focusing on different elements of the store and the overall concept of Steam, I gathered a variety of images that all had unique aspects and visual depth.

When this project was introduced, I immediately thought of Steam and the special story that I could potentially share. Over the years, I have spent many hours studying and gathering with friends at Steam and I have truly fell in love with this shop. Then, when I found out that the store was owned and started by two DU alumni, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to share the story of two former Pioneers who are thriving and making a difference in the DU and Denver community.

Creating my slideshow, I wanted to make sure that the photos aligned with the topics Hani (the owner) was speaking of during our interview. By having a wide range of photos at my disposal, I was able to pick and choose what I wanted to use, ultimately ensuring that my slideshow was a solid demonstration of the spoken and visually captured story.

Looking back on this process, I think I walked away with a solid interview. Hani had a lot of wonderful things to say, as I had a total of 6 minutes of audio, and I wish I could have utilized more of his speech. Personally, I am very happy about how my pictures turned out. The variety of subjects that I captured, along with my use of certain photographic elements, really made for a nice slideshow and demonstration of the beauty of the store. Going through the 150 photos I took, it was hard to pick my favorites, but I am glad I used a DSLR to capture a diversity of pictures and I think that using a higher quality camera added to my finished slide.

I did struggle with exporting my video from PhotoShop, which was very frustrating and if I had more time, I would like to figure out how to perfect it. For some reason, although I tried exporting my file three different times, the first two seconds of audio are missing. But, in the end, I learned a lot using this software and I am happy with my finished product.

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