DU’s Ritchie Center offers a unique on-campus job for students

The focus of my slideshow is a specific on-campus job at DU and the student I chose to interview about that job. The photos I chose to include were mainly of Iris Abraham, the girl I focused on, along with her tasks that go into her job, and shots of the kids in action during the party. With these photos, I’m trying to capture this specific on-campus job by showing the work that goes into and also the joy and happiness that it brings to the kids.

I feel that this specific job at the Ritchie center offers a lot more to students than just a job that pays. It really gives students, in this case Iris, a hands on experience that allows them to interact with children and parents and really make these kids happy through their own creative and engaging actions while party hosting. I really want these photos to show how happy the kids are during their parties and how involved Iris is with the activities.

I helped Iris set up for the party while taking pictures of her preparations, and then once the party began I did my best to get engaging shots of the kids interacting, dancing, eating, and anything else that conveyed the different aspects of this job. I didn’t want to get in the kids way so it was sometimes difficult to get into the mix and take close up pictures so I found myself sort of hanging back, but then coming in close when there was a specifically good moment that I wanted to capture.

I put this photos in chronological order based on the order the events took place, as well as making sure the photos matched up nicely with the audio. I chose to not add to much text besides addressing the speakers. I felt the audio really covered a lot and I wanted the pictures to speak for themselves. The text I did include, however, was fairly easy to integrate and I found ways to make the text creative through its motion and color.

This entire process was definitely a learning experience as I found that the more issues that arose, the better I was able to navigate, which I feel allowed me to learn more and become even more familiar with Photoshop. The issue of my photo size was prominent and I had to go in to every photo individually and resize them, then re-import them into my slideshow. Since there was a lot of components to consider, move around, align and adjust, I found that focusing on one aspect first, such as ordering and formatting my audio, made the process much easier. Once my audio was organized, I aligned the photos to match the audio. Lastly I added in the text and music, which was easy since everything else was already in place at that point.

Through the navigating process of Photoshop, I feel I have learned a fair amount about this application and the many different editing tools. Going forward, using Photoshop will be a much simpler and quicker process as I now know what photo sizes work based on if they are horizontal or vertical, and the best order of operations to work in.

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  • Shannon O'Mara says:

    I have always loved seeing the little kiddos at the Ritchie center and I always wondered what they were doing.. You did an awesome job of highlighting Iris and all of the great work that she does. The photos did a great job of showing the space as well as being able to show the joy that she provides in the lives of these little kiddos.
    I completely understand your frustrations in using Photoshop but I believe that the photos that you used do not portray that frustration!
    I really enjoyed your audio slideshow.. keep up the great work!

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