University of Denver sorority woman defying stereotypes

I have chosen a mixture of photos. These photos are able to portray to the audience that there are multiple aspects of being a sorority woman. Philanthropy was a main focus during all three interviews. I chose to have many photos from philanthropy events as well as woman mentoring younger woman which was also a key element during the interviews. I chose to place the philanthropy photos while the audio was discussing the philanthropic efforts and how much they mean to each woman. 

While watching the video I felt as though the woman were incredibly reflective about their greek careers, because of this I chose to add music into the background to enhance that feeling of reflection. 
I wish that I had more photos during my slideshow that also just showed the woman hanging out with their friends and being supportive of each other. If I had more time and better time commitments from the woman who were interviewed I would have been able to do this. There were other photos that had been taken that did not capture and coincide with the feeling of the slideshow that I decided to remove from the project. I am still happy that I chose to remove those from the assignment

3 Responses to University of Denver sorority woman defying stereotypes

  • Hayley Posner
    Hayley Posner says:

    I really loved your project, the audio was clear and easy to understand and coincided nicely with your photos. I think you did a great job portraying how being part of a sorority is more positive than the mainstream media portrays it to be. The music was perfect and added to the tone of the story. Overall great job!

  • Chloe Barrett
    Chloe Barrett says:

    You did a great job matching your audio with your photos, and included a good variety of angles. The music complimented the tone of the story and I also really like the message of your slideshow and how genuine the interviews came off. Awesome work, Shannon!

  • Anna Walsh
    Anna Walsh says:

    I really enjoyed your slideshow. It is very refreshing to see someone commenting on greek life this way. Your video provides great insight into what it truly means to be a part of a sisterhood. You had an excellent variety of photos. Nice work!

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