What is KXDU?


Our story focuses on KXDU , DU’s only student run radio station which broadcasts entirely online. With around 30 DJ’s, and shows every day of the week, KXDU is readily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Radio broadcasting has deep roots in American history, from AM stations in the early 20th during the “Golden Age of Radio” , to FM stations debuting and changing media landscape forever. To get our story we interviewed two radio hosts keeping this tradition alive, Bohdi Cooper of the Shohdi with Bohdi, and Weston Eckloff of North South East and Weston. In addition we interviewed two freshmen to see what new students think of KXDU and whether they listen to any of the programs it offers.

Cooper was encouraged to join KXDU by his mother, who came up with the name of his show, and his DJ work outside of KXDU, and he hopes that his radio show will help his favorite music reach a wider audience. In general Cooper tries to play music he feels will appeal to “a broad audience” and is less underground than much of the music he plays during his DJ sets. He feels that KXDU has made a positive impact on his college career, and has given him an extra boost of confidence when DJ’ing as well as boosted his college resume and made him more attractive to future employers. When asked if he would do it all over again, he unequivocally said yes, and stated that he looks forward to the Shohdi every week and hopes that he can grow his audience before he graduates from DU next year.


Similarly Eckloff feels that his time at KXDU has made a positive impact on his college experience. He was inspired to join the radio station after being the sports announcer for his high school, and being told his entire life by friends and family that he should go into radio or voiceover work because of the resounding timbre of his voice. Eckloff’s 2-hour spot on Friday evenings is prime time, and he likes to play classic rock, as well as a little bit of light metal which he feels brings variety to the music the station plays. Eckloff says that ideally he would like the station to return to broadcasting on FM radio, as well as online, because he feels that it would drastically grow the stations fan base, but understands the high costs associated with this kind of a shift. Eckloff feels that KXDU has allowed him to broaden his extracurricular activities at DU and get a foothold into radio broadcasting that he can hopefully parlay into a future career.


Christine and Allie, the two freshmen students we interviewed both had not listened to KXDU before, and cited a lack of promotion around campus as the driving force behind why they had not tried to listen to the programs offered, although they both said that in the future they would like to check it out.

KXDU has been a DU institution since the 1960’s and will continue broadcasting for years to come, as internet radio is cheap to stream and makes it easy to gain a wide audience. With diverse programming everyday of the week its easy to tune in and check out some of the exciting things that the student DJ’s have to offer.

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  • Savannah Christie says:

    I love the topic you guys chose! I have a couple friends with shows on kxdu and they’re always trying to gain more listeners, so it’s great you guys are bringing some attention to it! You did you really nice job featuring what kxdu is about and the variety of music it plays.
    Your interviews are a nice addition to your video because they allow kxdu listeners to put a face to the voice they listen to as well as understand their perspective of being a radio announcer.
    The footage of Weston setting up his radio station and the close up of the cd’s on shelves were a great shots. Looking forward to your next story!

  • Jillian Queri
    Jillian Queri says:

    Nice job with this! I’ve always been curious about KXDU, so it was nice to learn more about this student organization! Nice work with your b-roll and interviews, as you set up a lot of interesting shots that kept me engaged. Additionally, I liked how you filmed the studio to give viewers and inside look at the station/what goes on at a student-run radio station. Overall, great job! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shannon O'Mara says:

    Just like the ladies above I have always been really curious about KXDU and the services that they are able to offer to the entire DU Community. You did a great job with your b-roll footage which gave us an insight into the work that is done in the studio! The interviews were able to provide great information as well!

    Looking forward to seeing your video 2!

  • Brielle Durant says:

    I really enjoyed this video! I never even knew KXDU was a thing so it was very cool to learn about. I thought you guys angled the camera and your interviewee nicely and had strong b-roll. I also liked that you intertwined the footage from the people you interviewed because it allowed the video to flow nicely. The audio is also very clear! Nice job!

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