DUPB brings inclusive events to DU students

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If you’re a student at the University of Denver, chances are you’ve gone tubing and crammed 20 of your closest friends into a one bedroom lodge at Winter Carnival. Maybe you’ve also enjoyed live music at DU’s Music Fest each spring or celebrated the Hindu culture by adorning your peers with colored cornstarch. But do you know who makes these unique DU events possible?

The University of Denver Programming Board, or DUBP, is a student-run organization dedicated to providing the DU community with a variety of inclusive events and activities. DUPB strives to bring free or nearly free events to all DU students, creating an entertaining and inclusive campus atmosphere. Responsible for ensuring that campus programs and events happen for all undergraduate students, DUPB is always planning the next big event or weeknight activity.

“Our philosophy is to create inclusive, inexpensive and entertaining events on campus,” said Internal Co-President of DUPB, Tonia Bartlett. “We really try to bring people in from all over campus to participate.”

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Students plan the next greatest DUPB event

Most recently, on Feb. 29, DUPB held an Alice in Wonderland themed Leap Day event on Driscoll Bridge. “Un-Day” was complete with free tarot card readings, coffee, mugs and balloon animals.

DUPB consists of six committees that each plan different types of events: Traditions, Classics, Special Events, Music, Finance and Marketing. Traditions, for instance, tackles Winter Carnival and May Days, while the Classics committee hosts events like Trivia Night Tuesdays and Movie Night Thursdays.

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DUPB’s Leap Day event on Driscoll Bridge

“Basically classics is the events ‘you know and love,’” said Co-Chair of the Classics Committee, Hannah Bouline. “They repeat, they come back every year and hopefully everyone knows them.”

Between the rigor of academics and the seemingly mandatory task of socializing on the weekends, college can begin to feel like a routine. DUPB strives to break up the ordinary with unexpected and unique activities that are dedicated to making DU students’ four undergraduate years more memorable.

“When people graduate from DU we want them to reflect on memories they had at DUPB events,” said Bartlett. “College becomes such a routine of academics and socializing—we want to create events that are those outliers in everyone’s memories.”

Although DU is well known for its academics and elite educational programs, there is more to the university and the rhythm of attending class and finishing homework. DUPB is a prime example of the fun and exciting opportunities that exist on campus.

“We want to bring fun things to campus so people can look back on their college experience and say that they got to do fun things in college besides study,” said the Co-Chair of DUPB Special Events, Nia Smith.

DUPB’s next campus-wide event is Music Fest on April 14 which will feature a surprise musical guest that will be announced during spring quarter. For more information on DUPB visit their facebook page and keep an eye out for their posters located around campus.

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    Cordelia Tafoya says:

    Jillian, you and your group did a really good job communicating exactly what DUPB is. I especially appreciated the interviews in the beginning, as they were very telling and information-filled. I also, however, really liked your B-roll, as it showed a lot of actual activity and student engagement.

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