Sophomore living options: Nelson vs. Nagel

At the University of Denver, there are a total of five residence halls: Centennial Towers, Centennial Halls, Johnson-McFarlane Hall, Nagel Hall, and Nelson Hall. Nagel Hall and Nelson Hall differ hugely from the other three dormitories, though, as they are only available to second-year students, provide suite-style living to each of their residents, and possess top-floor apartments with full-sized kitchens, single bedrooms, and furnished living rooms.

Nagel Hall and Nelson Hall, too, are the only centrally-located dorms on campus.

“I don’t have to walk very far to get anywhere”, explained Nagel Hall resident, Carolyn Angiollo.

Nagel Hall

Nagel Hall

According to the biology major, though, her favorite thing about Nagel is that its top-floor apartments allow her to have her own room within a suite.

Angiollo’s roommate, Kayla Moore, agreed.

“I really like the room setup”, Moore said, adding that the Nagel apartments are a lot more roomy and spacious than are the Nelson suites where both she and Angiollo lived before.

“I think Nagel is better…I don’t know if it’s necessarily the building itself, though”, Angiollo offered.

“…my experience has just been better at Nagel”, she concluded, attributing her pleasant experience to the people she lives with.

Nelson Hall

Nelson Hall

Nelson Hall resident, Peter Valasares, thinks Nagel is better, too, but only because of minor details.

According to the game design major, the food and overall setup are better at Nagel.

Like Angiollo, though, Valasares strongly emphasized the fact that his experiences with the residence halls have been what they have been because of his friends and roommates, so even though he believes that certain things about Nagel might be better, he is still very happy at Nelson.

“There isn’t much about Nelson that I don’t like”, concluded Valasares after reflecting on his overall experience.

In the end, it wouldn’t make sense if there was, though, because other than the fact that Nagel has both fourth AND fifth floor apartments, the fact that their dining options are different, and the fact that their layouts are not exactly the same, Nagel Hall and Nelson Hall are basically the same.

Also, it seems as though each individual’s experience is less affected and determined by the actual dorms than it is by the people within them.

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