The Mass Communications building: beauty on the inside

At the University of Denver, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies (MFJS) majors take a majority of their classes in the Mass Communications building. Like the professors and department-heads who teach courses and have offices there, though, most of them strongly dislike its basically-off-campus location.

And though they love its contents, most of them also dislike the building itself.

“There’s sort of three issues with the building that might affect students…”, Associate Professor Derigan Silver explained.

“One is the location, two is the size, and three is the age.”

"I wont call it a bad's just old."

“I wont call it a bad building…it’s just old.” -Liu

According to Dr. Silver, though, the building’s location is the most unbearable of its three issues.

“I love being a part of the larger DU community, because DU does have a great community, so, more than any of the physical structures of the building, it’s really the location that’s tough for me”, said the associate professor.

“It’s just too far for me. There’s nothing around [the Mass Communications building], so it’s kind of weird coming in the first place”, added Yibai Liu, a fourth-year film studies major at DU.

“I won’t call it a bad building….it’s just a little old”, Liu concluded.

Old is right.

According to MFJS department chair, Dr. Lynn Schofield Clark, “The Media, Film, and Journalism Studies predecessor, which was Mass Communications, was moved into [the Mass Communications building] in the post-World War II era…”

“… we were supposed to be housed [in the Mass Communications building] temporally sometime in the 1950’s, so our building is old…”, she added.

DU is, however, “…working on plans towards some new facilities”, Dr. Clark said.

Dr. Schofield Clark, MFJS Department Chair

Dr. Schofield Clark, MFJS Department Chair

“…perhaps in the next five to seven years, we hope”, she concluded.

According to Dr. Silver, though, even though a new building would be great, he would prefer to spend the department’s available money on more or newer technology and resources.

Things like new computers, sound systems, and camera/film equipment would be great things to focus the department’s incoming money on, he said.

“There’s no reason in putting money into the outside of the building…that doesn’t do anything to make us better teachers”, explained Dr. Silver.

Besides, he, like many others in the department, is already “…really impressed with the quality of education we get.”

“…we fight above our weight…we go up against the big boys and we do really well with what we have”, Dr. Silver concluded.

4 Responses to The Mass Communications building: beauty on the inside

  • Shannon O'Mara says:

    Was super excited to watch your video after you posted your idea on the canvas page. This is so relevant to College life. I loved the diversity of interviews, having Dr. Silver, Yibai, and Dr. Clark all speak about the building and their experiences was a great insight into the lives of the people that basically live in the building! I loved Dr. Silver’s point about the aesthetics of the building and how we should be investing in the product inside of the building.
    Your shots throughout the video were great in showing the viewers what the building actually looks like.
    Great job!

  • Anna Walsh
    Anna Walsh says:

    Great job guys. You have a very smooth video. The jump cuts were addressed with nice b-roll and the transitions were pretty seamless. I loved the insight on the mass comm building, because while it is rather homely and bordering decrepit on the outside, the inside IS filled with top notch technology and all of the tools us students need to do well.
    This is a very interesting topic and I was engaged the entire time. I really liked how you had three interview-subjects and an excellent variety of B-roll that fit with what you were talking about. Great work.

  • Brielle Durant says:

    Your video title totally caught my attention! I think this is a really great topic to cover. Your interviewees are positioned well and there is good head space between them and the top of the frame. I like that you interviewed both professors in MFJS, as well as students to give well-rounded opinions. It was cool to hear what each person had to say. Nice job!

  • Savannah Christie says:

    You guys must’ve had some good interview questions because your video was very well organized, informative and engaging. You took a topic that everyone talks about, but no one ever writes anything on it. That being said, the written portion of your story is a nice accompaniment, so that if viewer/reader only read the article without watching the video or vice versa, that person would understand what the other component covers.
    I enjoyed watching your video because you had interviews with professors as well as a student so the viewer could understand the inconveniences of mass comm affect students and staff. I was also able to learn a few things about mass comm that I had not know, well done!

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