College seen through the eyes of philanthropy

Rarely ever does one see the positives contributions to society from the greek community spread across the news. Greek Organizations across the country have been able to fundraise millions of dollars for their specific philanthropies. Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Chi and Chi Omega at the University of Denver have been able to raise thousands of dollars for organizations that are meaningful to their chapters.

Former Philanthropy Chair and Current Membership Vice President, Ellie Hancock was able to sit down and reflect on the importance of Gamma Phi Beta’s Mission. Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropic mission is Building Strong Girls. Gamma Phi Beta partners with Girls on the Run, which is a youth development program for girls aged 8 – 13 that integrates teachings about empowerment, optimism, gratitude and more, through interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates at a celebratory 5k run, where the young girls are able to feel accomplished.

[Photo by Shannon O'Mara] Ellie Hancock is proud to be a woman empowering young girls.

[Photo by Shannon O’Mara]
Ellie Hancock is proud to be a woman empowering young girls.

The women of Gamma Phi Beta host events fundraising, throughout the academic school year and then donate to a local chapter of Girls on the Run here in Denver.“This is important to me because I know what it is like to be a young girl in today’s society.  What is awesome is that Girls on the Run is a program that can change that. Everyday in their after school programs older women are able to empower younger woman and pass on wisdom ,” Hancock states as she reflects on whyshe loves being a Gamma Phi Beta that is dedicated to Building Strong Girls.

Sigma Chi proudly donates to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. The Huntsman Foundation is able to fund the Cancer Institution at the University of Utah. When asked why Sigma Chi is passionate about fundraising for Huntsman, former President Josh Todtfeld believes that cancer impacts just about everyone, “Statistics show that, 1 out of every 2 male and 1 out of every 3 females will have cancer at some point during their lifetime.” These statistics are numbing and the chapter hopes to contribute to fight to end these numbers.  This year the chapter’s goal is to raise $40,000. This year the men of the chapter will be planning a large concert to help reach their philanthropic goal in this fight.

[Photo provided by Iris Abraham] "I am thankful for my team of sisters that help me put on these incredible philanthropy events."

[Photo provided by Iris Abraham]
“I am thankful for my team of sisters that help me put on these incredible philanthropy events.”

Chi Omega partners with Make-A-Wish Foundation for their philanthropic efforts. Make-A-Wish grants wishes of children that have life threatening medical conditions. These wishes assist in providing hope, strength, and determination  to keep fighting. Chi Omega and Make-A-Wish have been in partnership since 2002. In the last fourteen years, Chi Omega has raised more than 13 million dollars as well as volunteering over a half a million hours of service.  

Iris Abraham, Chi Omega’s Philanthropy Chair just finished planning her first event since transitioning into the role,” We were able to partner with Snarfs. They were incredible and promised that 30% of sales last friday were donated to Make-A-Wish.”  Looking back on last weeks event, Abrahams was overjoyed with the amount of support that University of Denver community was able to provide Chi Omega, “It was not just Greek life that showed up to support Make-A-Wish, it was other student organizations and faculty from the University of Denver community. This is what makes my job so enjoyable, I get to invite people into our amazing philanthropic mission. ”

These are only three stories out of many greek members on the University of Denver’s Campus. There are many other greek chapters that are making a lasting impression on people’s lives all around the globe.

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  • Savannah Christie says:

    Very interesting topic choice and really nice job covering it! Oftentimes we only read stories that highlight the negative aspects of Greek Life so it was really refreshing to read/watch something that was really positive. You girls created interesting content by having members of both fraternities and sororities and having them talk about their philanthropy. I loved your interview shot of Abraham and how you set her up. You girls also took the time to film some really good b-roll and that shows through. Your b-roll also coincides with whatever your interviewee was saying for example, when Abraham was talking about Snarf’s you showed people eating at Snarf’s. The only thing I would keep in my for next is audio. I’m not sure if it is my headphones or computer but your interview audio is only coming out of the left side of my speaker. Overall, really good job, I think DU should use this as a promotional video to emphasize all the good things that Greek Life organizations are doing!

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