A resolution that is here to stay

The entrance to the Coors Fitness Center.

The Resolution that just comes back

New Year’s Resolutions come and they go, but one that seems to come and go also comes back every year.

That resolution is to get in shape.

Somebody that we know has been in this position before. The start of the year comes around and they decide that it is time to get into shape, so they go out and get a gym membership or use the one that has been buried under papers on their desks.

For the people that go all the time, they seem to find a hard time getting their workouts in that they have been doing for years.

“I started coming to the gym like fall quarter last year,” said Chayce Duncan, a junior at the University of Denver, “and there were like only ten people here at a given time. Then at the start of this year, like last year, everyone seems to be here.

“There are sometimes when I come here and I do not even think that I will be able to get my workout in, and it is frustrating.”

The gym at the Coors Fitness Center experiences this every year during January. Just walking into the Center in November, before winter break for students starts, and walking in during January an observer can see the change in attendance.

Duncan is not the only one that has to deal with the added business, and sometimes frustration, that happens around the New Year. The Coors Fitness Center finds that they have to double their efforts to accommodate the new customers.

“When the New Year starts, business picks up rapidly,” said Wes Evans, sophomore and a work study employee at the Coors Fitness Center. “When the New Year starts we usually have to hire new workers. We sometimes even have cleaning parties in which the Center provides pizza for us to come in a clean up after all the new members.”

Even graduate students notice the change at the gym around this time of year.

“My brother and I always try to go early in the morning, about 6:00 a.m.,” said Brett Evans, a graduate student. “We see all the usual people who try to get a nice workout in, in the morning before they have to go to work or class, but lately we notice people that we have never seen before. We often have to do different workouts to accommodate the crowd.”

A possible explanation for the new people?

New Year’s resolutions are always going to be around, but the reason for the new customers that are at the Coors Fitness Center, Wes Evans believes, is they are just here for a month to show little interest in getting in shape.

“It happens each year in January,” said Evans. “Many new people come in to sign up for memberships. They are interested also in the boot camps that we offer. But once January is over they usually disappear completely.”

For others the reason that the new people are here is that they just want to prove to themselves that they can do it, but then just go back to their original routines such as possibly getting off the couch to walk the dog, according to Duncan.

“I feel that is what a New Year’s resolution is: to prove to yourself that you can do something that you feel that you could not before,” said Duncan. “I am fine with the new people being here, but I just feel like if you are going to give up on yourself then why try?”

How January differs

The entrance to the Ritchie Center, where the Coors Fitness Center is, at night.

January will seem to always be the month that people like to start fresh with their resolutions. They tend to feel that the New Year is like a fresh start.

Although a fresh start is good for business at the Coors Fitness Center, it actually ends up hurting them, according to Wes Evans.

“We see a drastic change usually in February compared to January,” says We Evans. “Our business dies, the gym is not as crowded and sales goes way down.”

Brett Evans feels that this spike might hurt the center more than help it.

“I know a thing or two about how a business functions and I just feel that with the added revenue comes a loss when the next month roles around and business drops,” said Brett Evans. “January is a good month for not only the Coors Fitness Center, but other businesses too. They tend to hire new people as they expect more money, but then feel the threat of lose. It really does suck.”

Getting back to the norm

After resolutions die people tend to get back to the normal habits that they had before.

Duncan and Brett Evans enjoy getting back to the usual that they have come to expect from the gym.

“Once February, and by March for sure, come around I can get back to doing the full workouts that I used to do before the New Year started,” said Duncan. “I love the New Year, but I love that time even more.”

Brett Evans added: “Although I love seeing the new people in there, and business expand, I love not having to worry about beating the crowd in the morning.”

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