What do most Chinese International students do in their free time?

Recent years, there are more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad. Thousands of Chinese high school students come to the U.S. to get undergraduate degrees and the number of them is still increasing every year. However, not all of them are eager to integrate themselves into American culture, even most Chinese students started to learn English and western culture when they were in elementary schools, but they still deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture. Thus, many Chinese students keep their Chinese style eating and living habits in some parts.

One of the most popular nightlife options for Chi nese studIMG_6386ents is karaoke, a place where people go to sing and play. They can book a private singing room with a machine for picking songs. It also provides food and drinks, comfortable sofas, and mood lighting. For people who don’t want to singing, they can play dice games or card games.

‘Star Kitchen’ is a Cantonese restaurant and it has the ost popular dim sum in Denver. Chinese Morning tea and dim sum is a traditional Chinese southern custom for breakfast. It is extremely popular in some southeast area such as Guangdong and Hong Kong. Dim sum are usually served in a small steamer basket or bowl. It including shrimp dumplings, rice noodle roll, and different kinds of buns and cakes.

Chinese students also like to cook Chinese hot pot at home especially in cold and windy weather. They set a pot of both mild and spicy broth (soup base) on a portable burner, then prepare plates of raw ingredients such as thinly shaved lamb, beef, tofu and different kinds of vegetables beside the pot. Each person can takes whatever they want, drops it into the broth and waits it to cook.

“I like homemade hot pot because it can warms up my body well during cold weather and I can add and cook different ingredients in the broth…It’s hard to find a good hot pot restaurant in Denver.” said Shihua, a DU sophomore Chinese student.

For almost one-third of Chinese students, Library is the place where they spent a significant portion of their time on campus when they were not in class. Some Chinese students study together outside of class in small groups. They believe forming study groups is a effective way for enhancing learning.

English is their second language. Thus, compared with the native students, many Chinese students spend more times reading their English textbooks.

Moreover, there are a lot of Chinese boys like to play basketball and watch NBA games in their spare time.

“BasketbIMG_3786all i one of the most common sport for students in China. I started to play it since junior high school.” said Zeng

“There was a popular Japanese comics called “SlamDunk”. It influenced a lot of Chinese kids to play basketball when they were in elementary schools.” said DU freshman Leo Liang.

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    Ilove this Kayla! Having undergone ACL recovery myself, i found this topic very applicable and interesting. I love that you interviewed a variety of athletes, as well as a certified physical therapist. This is a hot topic in the athletic world, and interesting for others to hear about.

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