DU sheds light on sexual assault

Provide a two paragraph description of the slideshow itself – the topic, what story(ies) you’re seeking to tell with it, etc.;

I am seeking to tell the story of sexual assault on DU’s campus and the events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is one of the ways DU is trying to make amends for their troubled past.  My slideshow is a compilation of photos, mostly of events on DU’s campus, people who are a part of the campus somehow, or just of the campus itself.

I am hoping that my story informs people about events happening on campus happening during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and makes people on campus aware that they can help stand up against sexual assault.

I am also choosing to put this under the Safety section of the Campus Life category rather than the Love & Romance tab because gender violence is not romance or love.  I thought about doing that for a second but then realized that my story fit much better under the Campus Life-Safety category.

Explain how and why you chose to photograph what you did;

I chose to photograph some of the people I interviewed, and not because I wanted add a face to Kayla Ham, who is the CAPE coordinator, but I did not want to add faces of the students I interviewed.  Otherwise, I took some general faceless shots to protect anonymity.  I also wanted to photograph campus and a fraternity house since the Greek system around the country has a problem with sexual assault.

Reflect on the photographic process itself: what worked, didn’t work, what would you do differently/the same next time, what you learned, why you chose to include the photos you did, and to exclude others, etc.;

I would say most of my process worked, the only thing I would change is I would take a lot more pictures of the same shot so that I have more to choose from.  I would also liked to have taken more artsy shots than I did.  I think maybe some of my shots are too plain.  Also though, I didn’t want to be too artsy since it’s a topic that is very serious.  Next time I will definitely take more photos, rent a DSLR, and get outside of my comfort zone in taking photos a bit more.  Most of the photos I excluded were extras, weren’t at the best angles, and were a bit flat.  I tried to choose the most engaging photos to put in the slideshow.

Provide a short explanation of how your slideshow links up to the written Issue Story No. 1 that you did AND reflect on how (if at all) the photo project inspired you to look at the issue/come at the issue differently, see it differently, etc.;

My slideshow links up with my issue story perfectly by giving statistics and sources a bit more context, as well as making the story more visual and personal to DU.  It inspired me to dig deeper and find more statistics and to attend more events to get to know my topic better.

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  • Carson Baer
    Carson Baer says:

    This is a really great article that helps spread awareness on an issue that is often overlooked by universities. I really like the photos you included also. You approached this topic in a sensitive yet informative way, good job!

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