The controversy of free speech at DU

The slideshow is related to my Issue Story – the topic of free speech at DU. For the first part I focused on what free speech meant to some people at DU and what DU does to accomodate inclusion among different ideas on campus. The second part is related to some other uses of free speech relating to a different way of protesting and how it affects journalism.

I was seeking to tell the story of different perspectives in regards to our First Amendment right and bringing it off-campus to show how students can continue to use their free speech right. I was going to New York for Easter weekend and I saw that there was so many protests happening on that same weekend. I took the protest photos and the people expressing their political opinion through their physical self at the Easter Parade and in front of a fur store that was using real fur. Being in the middle of a protest is different from a campus sit-in, and it really opened my eyes to how dangerous sometimes protesting and using your First Amendment right can be.

I found that what worked was the photos that I actually did get – since I was in a few lucky places and I got some intriguing photos of some people and their interactions in the environment (like the Trump character and the little boy) I found that what didn’t work was the time limit and that there wasn’t many places that could express the idea of free speech on campus at the time of doing this assignment. I was lucky to get to New York when I did so I could learn more about this issue off-campus and get some great photos, but I would like to keep following this story as it develops. I would have liked to have a professional camera for some of these shots, though. I can’t wait to develop this skill.

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