Exploring the potential of a Jazzman’s – Starbucks transition

This slideshow and my story were focused on the issue of a potential plan to replace Jazzman’s Cafe in Driscoll Bridge with a Starbucks, which has been in discussion for a long time and is currently awaiting a decision from the University. There are shots of various parts of Jazzman’s, the Starbucks on Asbury and Evans, and Beans coffeeshop that all depict an element of what changes the transition to a Starbucks would bring. 

With a mixed bag of shots of people and settings, I intended to depict the realities of Jazzman’s’ current place in the campus culture and why a Starbucks would be considered an upgrade. I tried to make these as clear as possible by including elements such as the student sleeping in the Driscoll Student Center and the empty interior of Jazzman’s in order to “let the photos do the talking”, if you will.

I chose several of my shots (such as the signs of the shops and the exterior of Driscoll Bridge) to serve as b-roll for the more explanatory slides, such as the first two. I figured just good quality pictures would still provide a good supplement to the information contained in these slides. Beyond this, I chose the photo of the Driscoll Student Center downstairs because I thought the random sleeping student made for a great illustration of how underutilized it is and how much of a difference a Starbucks would make. I included the Jazzman’s employee and the students discussing at Beans for a good, appropriate method of maintaining interest through photos of people. Finally, I also chose two wide, long-shot photos of the respective interiors of Jazzman’s and Beans to illustrate the contrast between a coffeeshop with and without the community aspects that Ira Simon mentioned as benefits of having a Starbucks.

On the plus side, I thought my photos of people and my longshots of the Asbury Starbucks worked very well. Both were the result of taking several more photos than I thought necessary – I waited for people to change their expressions, which gave me money shots that I wasn’t expecting, and I tried to shoot the Starbucks from many different angles, which yielded two well-composed photos that I could use for different purposes.

On the negative side, I learned to take into consideration natural light sources. These negatively impacted several of my photos of Beans and Jazzman’s far more than I thought based on what initially appeared on my camera.

My issues story didn’t turn out exactly how I expected; I was hoping to find out when and how the Starbucks would be implemented, and why it was delayed. I found out that the plan was still on the table, but a decision about it is not scheduled to be made for another month. As this ambiguity was not what I was hoping to find out from my sources, the issues story came out a bit bland and inconclusive. So, I decided to have my slideshow tell the same story but focus more on the potential benefits that would come from a new Starbucks according to my interviews, instead of just explaining the whole situation.


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  • Justin Cygan
    Justin Cygan says:

    I like the mix of people and places in your slideshow and how you incorporated people interacting in the spaces you are exploring in your Issues Story. Good use of photographic techniques as well.

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