Where to get internship help at DU

My story topic for this slideshow and my previous issue story is on internships and some tips DU students could benefit from. Through this slideshow, my hope was to create visual representations of some of the resources students have that can facilitate their internship application process. With this story in mind, I chose to include the pictures—like the information center at the Career Services office and the MFJS sign—that gave a clear idea of what students can find on campus.

At first, the photo taking process was difficult. I originally had a vague idea of how I wanted to expand my article with visuals. Due to this, I just started to take nature shots of campus. After taking various pictures from different angles, I then noticed the sign (which you can find in the slideshow) that promoted an event hosted by the Career Center. Noticing this sign helped me realize that there were many helpful resources that oblivious students, like myself, may risk overlooking. I then brought it upon myself to hopefully give viewers the opportunity to realize what resources DU had in store for them. After that discovery, the following challenge was trying to find new, interesting methods for displaying typically dull things—like a bulletin board.

This project allowed me understand how visuals can expand my two-dimensional article. Describing locations students can visit to get internship help can be dull. But with photographs, I realize that a photo journalism is able to touch on things the written word cannot. This only helps the article be that much more informative and rich.


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